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Every Christmas, Japanese people are lined up long teams, actually only to eat a "KFC"

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Japanese particularly like the holidays.

365 days a year, in addition to national statutory holidays, there are businesses planning a variety of festivals.

For example, February 9 is "Day of Meat", April 26 is the "day of bathing", October 2 is "the day of tofu", and November 22 is "a date of good husband and wife" and so on.

If you want, you can spend every day.

While in several important Western holidays, Japanese people fare very grand occasion.

February 14 Valentine's Day, Japan's sister will be crazy to send chocolate; and on March 14 White Valentine's Day, men have to give back chocolate; even if not a lover, but also to send "justice chocolate."

October 31 Halloween, Tokyo Shibuya costume parade grand scale, have made Westerners pilgrims.

While the most important festival in the West, Christmas on December 25, the Japanese certainly will not be vague.

The streets full of Christmas lights, shopping malls also intensified the launch of promotional activities at the end.

However, unlike Westerners eating turkeys, for Japanese families, there is a tradition of eating KFC at Christmas!

Why do Japanese people have the habit of eating KFC at Christmas? Even many Westerners are puzzled.

In fact, this stems from the third generation of KFC president Kawara Hajime in 1974 a legendary business plan.

Takeshi Okawara

In 1970, Japan, which was in a period of rapid economic growth, became fascinated with the Western culture from the United States. KFC also took Japan as an opportunity to take hold of the World Expo.

However, from the outset, the unfamiliar American fast food culture did not go well in Japan.

By chance, Daichi Harahashi heard several foreigners in the shop complain that "Christmas can not eat roasted turkey in Japan, can only eat KFC fried chicken," so inspired by the "Christmas fried chicken" as a slogan Publicity.

In Japan, because Christmas did not take a holiday, the Japanese did not have time to prepare a turkey dinner at home. Therefore, "a barrel of fried chicken reunited with home" solution helped KFC to quickly occupy the Japanese Christmas table.

Each Christmas season, there will be about 360 million Japanese families to buy KFC, if Christmas Eve you stroll the streets of Japan, we can see the following such a wonderful scene!

The Japanese lined up a long queue at the KFC store to buy the "Christmas Family Bucket."

Many store sales that day, will reach 10 times more than usual.

Some bustling KFC stores, in extreme cases, even need to queue for several hours, and sometimes because of out of stock and can not buy.

Therefore, many Japanese will also choose to KFC official website directly book, sitting at home, "great luck, Christmas eating chicken."

After more than 40 years of popularity in Japan, KFC "huge barrel" finally landed in China in 2017!

More than 200 KFC stores in 11 major cities all over the country can buy Christmas "huge barrels"!

Package Contents: Spicy Chicken Leg * 2 pieces, Old Beijing Chicken Roll * 1 piece, Hot Potato Chips Crispy Chicken * 1 piece, Suckling Original Chicken * 1 piece, Spicy Chicken Wings * 2 pieces, ) * 1 serving, Miss Belgian chocolate cake (6 inches) * 1, Pepsi (medium) * 3 cups = $ 128

Among them, there are two new products that Japan can not eat, belongs to the exclusive benefits of Chinese food!

Belgian chocolate mousse cake: Into a strong chocolate and cheese taste, smooth and dense, mellow rich, frozen after eating a more rich sense of hierarchy, is the cake of the best.

Hot potato chips Crispy chicken: The crispy crisp big potato chips, accompanied by spicy red croutons chicken with bone, fried until golden crisp, spicy taste exciting.

In addition, any consumer can buy +12 yuan KFC joint internationally renowned designer, the world's first gold deer with the Christmas paragraph </ strong> Garfield Dolls </ strong>! !

Click to buy KFC "huge bucket" </ strong>