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Geely coupe SUV exposure, styling does not lose the BMW X6, interior comparable Porsche, but also burst

Car 2017-12-11 19:21:21 444

In accordance with the influence of today's own brand, Geely is undoubtedly the leader of its own brands, as of November, Geely has completed a year ago set a sales target of 1 million, a new brand with Volvo joint venture grams Such as the appointment of the market received a very good response, 2017 for Geely is a bumper year.

Just as we all thought that Geely would devote most of its energy to the construction of the new brand, a group of Geely's new vehicles were exposed online. The positioning of the new car was the same as that of a SUV with a cross-border SUV that was estimated to be Bo Yue new generation models, looks very high value did not lose the BMW X6.

Geely SUV on the side of the D column significantly tilted, is a typical back-slip body shape, and this is any crossover SUV on the market are the same, can only be described as similar to the plagiarism of the shape, the back of the line Has been extended to the tail upturned, forming a natural spoiler adds a bit dynamic atmosphere, the fly in the ointment is the tail of the line is not smooth slightly bloated.

Although the front was camouflaged cloth cover, still can see the use of the auspicious family-style rippling front grille, the headlight shape is not effective on the map so sharp is the use of LED light source, this configuration is very kind, from the overall outline On the point of view, a great reduction of the concept car shape.

Interior compared to Bo Yue has undergone enormous changes, the new three flat-style steering wheel, decorated with silver trim seems dynamic, the control of a large area with piano paint material is very on the grade, is relatively easy to dirty, This has been reflected in the above Land Rover Xingmai, joined the electronic gear lever is surrounded by a variety of physical buttons, this design feels pretty Porsche flavor.

Because it is stroll back to the car although the size and Bo consistent, but the D column tilt range is too large, and will compress a lot of back head space, from the picture point of view is not the body from the ground spacing is generally high, is expected to pass Will be very good.

Dynamically powered by Volvo tuned 1.8T turbocharged engine, the maximum horsepower 181, the maximum torque of 300 Nm, matching the 6AT gearbox, the horsepower is large enough from the data, the stability and fuel How the economy is still unknown.

Geely this new SUV after the listing guide price is expected to be 180,000 or so, Geely's car is more made the better looking, but the price has gone up, the collar grams 01 pricing criticized people, I hope this SUV pricing can be friendly to some people Sales certainly do not worry.