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AI assisted pneumoconiosis screening, "Jie Jie Technology" was 60000000 yuan angel round of financing

Technology 2017-12-11 18:42:00 40

36 krypton was informed that artificial intelligence imaging company Jiejie Technology completed in September this year, 600 million angel round of financing, investors are well-known pharmaceutical group investors. The money will be used to increase R & D investment, data acquisition and market investment.

Founded in June 2017, Jiejie Technology focuses on the application of AI in medical imaging and cognitive computing. It is reported that Jiejie technology has two business lines: one is the development of pneumoconiosis and pulmonary nodule screening system of computer vision products, called "Jill"; the second is based on natural language recognition and recognition Knowledge-based product research has not been available yet.

Shao Xuejie, founder and CEO, said the above pneumoconiosis and lung nodule screening system is applying for certification of CFDA Class II devices. In addition, Jiejie Technologies will continue to develop artificial intelligence-assisted diagnostics at a rate of one month in two months involving Breast cancer, thyroid, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, including other diseases.

Pneumoconiosis is a systemic disease mainly caused by diffuse fibrosis of the lung tissue caused by long-term inhalation of productive dust and retention in the lungs. It is more common in miners, especially tunneling workers, and in large quantities of quartz, ceramics and refractories Dust exposure history.

The reason to choose from pneumoconiosis and pulmonary nodules cut into, Shao Xuejie said that China, as the world's largest producer of coal and the second largest exporter, pneumoconiosis is quite common; but currently there is no on-line artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis of pneumoconiosis screening Products of the enterprise (mostly focused on sugar screening, cancer diagnosis, etc.). He believes that with the support of national policies and data, coupled with the relatively strong market demand, this gap is still worth exploring.

According to Shao Xuejie introduction, the above pneumoconiosis screening system and lung nodule screening system recognition accuracy has reached more than 90%, are facing the B-end users, including Coal General Hospital, State Administration of Work Safety Occupational Hospitals and other countries have identified Occupational disease screening qualified hospitals, county hospitals and third-party medical institutions three categories.

So far, it has conducted research and clinical cooperation in 5,6 top three hospitals and plans to promote cooperation with more than 100 hospitals in the country in the near future so as to continuously calibrate the accuracy of image recognition. In addition, it has cooperated with three third-party medical examinations Agency completed the contract.

Team, the current team a total of 9 people, including 6 technicians. Founder Shao Xuejie to domestic entrepreneurs, had previously co-founded the Medical Imaging - located in the SaaS live cloud services, medical conference live broadcasts, live broadcasts and other medical scene streaming media services (see 36 Kr concrete earlier reports) ; Machine learning algorithm experts Feng Wei is responsible for technical aspects.

Currently, Jie Jie Technology is conducting Pre-A round of financing.

Earlier, 36 Krypton also reported a number of companies that applied AI to medical imaging, including Tumen Deep Vision, VisionMedicine, Shenzhen Rui Medical, Huiying Huiyin and Diyinga Technology.