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Dress up only Deng Wendi! 49-year-old dressed as 19 years old, User: No wonder three weddings can find 21 years old

Fashion 2017-12-11 18:43:35 58

When it comes to Wendi Deng, we have to thumb up, her life called sturdy ah! Three foreign husband, current or small her 28-year-old small fresh meat, some people will be indignant, think Deng Wendi why! Do not worry, after reading these photos, you know that she is teasing men!

An event, Deng Wendi wearing a pink dress, shoulder hollow design adds sexy atmosphere, obviously already 49 years old, but also wearing a 19-year-old dress, asked to play the makeup skills do you admire?

Foot flower full of high-heeled sandals, oblique bangs hair, although the face is no longer young, but Deng Wenday mentality Well, this is the most important!

And handsome foreign small freshman photo, Deng Wendi generous decent, did not tweak, confident as she is, worth the spirit of each one of us to learn ah!

Side of the mirror on the sweet smile, a powder skirt so that Wendi back to 19-year-old, so play Nennen, all users have lamented "No wonder three weddings can find 21-year-old boyfriend it!" Do you think so?

Really confident and daring woman is the most beautiful, so Deng Wendi you will like it?

And a boyfriend appeared a certain activity, Deng Wendi dressed in Chinese style printed flower dress, personal tailoring sketched out exquisite posture, high waist line is to give us a chest to create the following is all the visual sense! Zhafa side of the mirror sweet laugh her elegant atmosphere!

Black shirt with printed skirt, shirt perspective design so fragrant shoulder crisp, add more sexy atmosphere! Side micro-curly hair even more feminine atmosphere! See the lens exposed smile, standing on the little boyfriend Deng Wendi wood there is a "bird by people" feeling?

Printed dress to take a short jacket, strap straps high heel sandals, oblique bangs hair, Deng Wendi smile on the mirror can not be called pretty, but a strong aura!

And Li Bingbing photo Deng Wendi gas field is still not diminished, wearing a sexy leopard print, wearing personalized big earrings, looking forward to the lens smiling Wendi Deng feminine!

Stitching perspective dress skirt, sexy Xianglian crisp belly and sultry career line filling, side hairstyles, rely on the little boyfriend in the arms of Deng Wendy full of happiness, a small woman full of flavor!