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Ouyang Zhen Hua sun trying to nostalgia! "Royal Court One," reunion, unfortunately, this high score less known Hong Kong drama

Entertainment 2017-12-11 18:18:12 47

This article starts on: Knife 100 Literary Arts (WeChat public ID: DDDDART)

TVB there are always some episodes make people never forget, but the sequel is out of the foreseeable future, for example, was a group of two or three-line actor who won the "One Royal Court" series.

December 5, Lin Bao Yi and Ouyang Zhenhua, Chen Xiuwen Qi Qi in the microblogging drying out "One Court" a gathering of actors in the photo, see many netizens marvel, although this is "selling age" nostalgia , However, "One Emperor Court" is an irreplaceable "operatic drama for many".

See this gang more than 20 years ago, played a lot of 80 after the enlightenment of Hong Kong drama actors, it is a kind of time and space through the feeling.

The sponsors of the party turned out to be SU Yongkang and Ouyang Zhen Huafa microblogging thanked SU Yongkang for launching the party. He even said: I hope I can see you soon.

Chen Xiuwen, who has faded out for many years, also sent a micro-blog saying: Long time no such laugh as crazy tonight. Thank you, Convener Su Yongkang, and reunited more than 20 years ago.

"Emperor One Court" This is the first broadcast TVB drama since 1992, broadcast a total of five in 1997, each of the watercress score at 8 points or more.

For TVB, "One Emperor Court" appears, epoch-making significance.

Because the previous TVB drama is not concerned with the grassroots class of ordinary people, it is rich and powerful high society, until the appearance of Denty, he for the first time the role of the series set the petty bourgeoisie, in particular, shaped A group of capable working women.

Chen Xi Wen, Chen Huishan, Xuan Xuan created three so far still unforgettable professional women.

Moreover, Deng Texi also enabled a number of second and third-line "little performers" like Ouyang Zhenhua, Tao Dayu, Wu Qihua, Lin Bao Yi, Xuan Xuan, Cai Shao Fen and Chen Huishan to succeed or transform because of Deng SIR's drama.

"One Royal Court" five songs, was born after a few depending on the emperor as the audience. Even Li Yaoxiang was only in the second department to play soy sauce, guest a suspect.

Later, the king of pop music heaven also participated in the "One Royal Court"

Faye Wong participated in the "One Royal Court 2":

She plays Mandy, a cool and capable prosecutor in the play.

Sammi Cheng also participated in the "Royal Court", the role played in the drama called "Fang Jiaqi."

In fact, when the Sammi Cheng still a little fat baby, but it looks good.

Leo Ku has also starred in "No. 1 Royal Court 2", he plays a "bar singer", no lines just singing, is now a king-class singer.

"One Emperor Court" five songs were taken more than 100 sets, but with one hand to create "One Emperor Court" producer Denthi left TVB, this high-score series will no longer be the sixth .

And the other dramas made by Denty for TVB are the "hands-on heart" of medical subjects. This drama is his last work on wireless and also a successful curtain call.

Since he left, this professional play no one can take over, although Qiyi Yi risk endangered, but the "Might and Benevolence 2" response was significantly worse than "wonderful 1", while Denthe turned to ATV is also sluggish, the filming Set TVB era and can not be the same.

Even more sigh is that, with the TVB's modest, now young audience, many people no longer chase Hong Kong drama, but I do not know on behalf of the golden age of TVB "Royal One court."

Lin Bao Yi drying out "One Royal Court" party photos, many users are not recognized.

TVB this year to restart the "Forensic Pioneer 4", and "First Emperor Court," the reunion of the original cast, but also people have a hope: TVB will be invited to return to Te Texi, restart the "Royal One Court," the sixth Ministry? It seems that it is a wish of "a lifetime."