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When the fat girl weighs 160 pounds, but very beautiful, can become your dish?

News 2017-12-11 17:47:33 7

In real life, when a girl fat up, there are two general consequences, either be dismissed, or be ordered to lose weight! But fat girls have the beauty of fat girls, is not it?

The girl is called Aaron Brown, she is a social star, 164cm tall she weighs 160 pounds, to say such a height to weight ratio, is estimated to have long been Tucao in the country, but instead she was based on such figure 230,000 fans

To know these 230,000 fans, but in just 3 months to obtain, because her registration time is only in early September, her appearance swept the circle of foreign circles, countless people were her body and full of sunshine Attracted by the smile, she is happy with each photo!

Her lovely smile and beautiful face, so netizens have called the little white rabbit. Because she really has the kind of people want to protect the feeling, but her body is not natural, but also need some fitness training oh!

She said online: "The most favorite way to exercise is not to go to the gym, but to run jogging outdoors, climbing mountains and swimming! With the closest contact with nature, sometimes the gym is overwhelming It does not fit her character. "

Her body, the stomach inevitably no fat, and piled a lot, because she is very relaxed on their diet, eat a lot of fruit every day, watermelon and strawberry is her favorite, completely unable to resist their charm .

Of course, the most helpless people is why her body fat, but it is not fat face it? This is a naked talent ah! She is not a potential stock because she has now cashed her glamorous beauty. But why in real life is the fat man we met weighing 160 pounds? Nature is wonderful!