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Seeking girl Ni Ni Dong Dongyu cited the same frame lead argument, but dare to tear the entire entertainment only her!

Entertainment 2017-12-11 16:07:43 11

Recently, the girl Ni Ni, Zhou Dongyu as the starring debut movie "Qi Men Dunjia" conference, as this year's Lunar New Year stalls film, the film cast is also very strong, the conference scene can be described as stars.

However, it is more attractive to everyone Ni Ni and Zhou Dongyu two girl seeking the first cooperation and the same frame ↓ ↓ ↓

Winter rain ancient gnarl, temperament and elegance, there are "ghost Ma Ying Hou," said, enough to see their personal acting and unique style of recognition.

Ni Ni enchanting glamorous, a strong aura, a highly malleable female face is a supernatural countless.

Two different styles, acting is also remarkable, and belong to the same "seek girl" high starting point, naturally inevitably be used to compare, I do not know in this "Qi Men Dun Jia," who will be more out of color in the performance of smoking Some eyes.

"Seeking girl" refers to the famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou starring actress, starring Zhang Yimou movie actress. The starring "Red Sorghum" became popular Gong Li as the first seeking girl, also known as "the most sought-after girl."

The film "Happy Hour" female hostess Dong Jie is known as "the most sought-after girl," the purity of the cold temperament was once known as the complex showbiz in an unconstrained lily.

Zhang Huiwen with a "return" has also become a new generation of seeking girl, and its fresh and refined features and then Zhang Ziyi somewhat similar, but also the media called "Zhang Ziyi."

Recalling the above few seek girl, in the entertainment have also made good achievements, of which "the most popular seeking girl" is none other than Zhang Ziyi.

From the debut of "My Father and Mother", to the consolidation and promotion of "Heroes", and then to proving his "ambush", she used her strength to complete the transformation from a newcomer to a famous actor to an international movie star.

Now 37-year-old Zhang Ziyi is still not idle, married women, comeback performances, but also in the program "The Birth of the Actor" in the younger actors to start a teacher. A variety of sharp comments, and even rejection of face, disdain, throwing shoes, can be described as the gas field fully open, only recognized acting not recognize people series.

The object of his "attack" is not only the same old opera bone Liu Ye as the guest's entertainment, as well as the flow of fresh flowers Zheng Shuang, Ouyang Nana, the star girl Huang Shengyi, Liu Yan, etc., can be said with its own power tore half a " Acting bad "entertainment.

In the process of self-perseverance, more important is strength and strength. Zhang Ziyi has been able to bare hands tear through the audience, or rely on continuous improvement over the years acting and impressive achievements, I hope the younger generation of entertainment can understand this, improve professional skills!