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Zheng Shuang going to the hair? Hairline even so terrible? Yang Mi hairline no high she!

Entertainment 2017-12-11 16:13:20 54

Zheng Shuang, "the summer solstice before the arrival", less and less public appearances, but recently somebody sun drying out at the airport photos,

Zheng cool wearing a white T-shirt, the lower body of a pair of jeans, carrying a big shoulder leisure bag, wearing a pair of glasses, superb beauty field, hands lifted his hair and found that when the sister's cool hairline so terrible This is too high!

At the time of attending their own new book signing and sales meeting, the photos at the time also surprised many netizens. Not only the full-color but also the skin is very uneven, the black eye is serious, and the hairline is seriously displaced. It seems Zheng Shuang really want to fly myself!

This photo really looks a bit infiltrating, in fact, the value of Zheng Shuang Yen in the entertainment can be described as handsome, and now can put down the burden, the true nature is still very good, I hope now can be comfortable !

In fact, in the entertainment circle female star is really a lot of high, we are all familiar with one is Yang Mi, played in "Sansei Shihuli Peach Blossom" when the men are combing the hair up when the hairline Move serious.

At that time, Yang Mi was also played by me all kinds of Tucao, and later Yang Mi own microblogging since the black.

Look at Yang Mi recently attended the event, the forehead hairy small hair, is it really to the hair?

Many people do not care about the hairline, in fact, this is really important, not only affects a person's Yan value, and the hairline is too high, your age will look great how old!

When you come to the airport, wearing a long section of the denim jacket, take a V-neck white sweater, a hole in the lower body jeans, wearing a ponytail, this is really wearing enough girls!

The second hairline is high Tang Yan, Tang Yan's hairline is ridiculously high. Look at this forehead, shiny!

In fact, Fortunately, Tang Yan Yan high enough, or really very influential, is why Tang Yan rarely set off bangs reasons, keep the bangs look more beautiful!

Have a look bangs Tang Yan, after cut the long hair, is not the United States to attack it ~

Tang Yan not only high value, clothing is also very good, recently appeared at the airport, wearing a thick black coat, inside a plaid shirt and black sweater, the lower body of a black pants, feet A pair of sports shoes, this one is quite handsome!

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