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Is your pantyhose correct?

Parenting 2017-12-11 14:38:40 6

Since autumn, in order to be able to wear beautiful skirts shorts, socks is essential!

Now on the market there are a lot of Leggings pantyhose pantyhose, what 1200D friends, baby velvet see chubby girl dazzled ... ...

In order to find out what are the characteristics of these pantyhose and different, I specifically purchased a number of stock, spent a few days time to study it!

Now give you a small fairy share to buy pantyhose later when you can easily buy their own socks friends ~

First to introduce, D's meaning ~

D is the full name of Denier, Denny is the number refers to the fineness of fiber units, how many grams per 9000 meters fiber is called how much D is used to calculate the thickness of socks.

In general, the larger the number of D, the higher the relative weight of the fiber, the greater the thickness, and the smaller the number of D, the thinner the pantyhose is. So (knock blackboard) the more durable the number of socks D are generally higher ~

5D, 10D, 15D are thin stockings, mostly cored wire material, you can choose and color close to the pantyhose, suitable for more than 25 degrees to wear the temperature, the thickness of the stockings high transparency, permeability is also very good, After wearing the comfort is great, is not too durable, so be careful to protect Oh.

Spring and autumn wear 20D-200D generally enough, this thickness is a regular paragraph, suitable for 15 degrees -25 degrees of the weather ~

Although the southern winter sounds warmer than the northern winter, but! Our southern winter is not heating it! ! Not only not heating, the cold or cold, feeling colder and colder than the north! So winter, chubby girl's tights are at least 300D above!

200D-380D This moderate thickness of the pantyhose is and 2 degrees -15 degrees temperature, but varies from person to person, winter fat girl favorite or 1200D this super-thick plus velvet section!

Of course, there are thicker! See people on the Internet that 2000D or more are not called pantyhose, called cotton trousers Well ~ no no, now 2000D tights can be thin and warm, okay!

Adequate style but also the temperature ~

This paragraph is said to be able to wear pantyhose to go skiing in Switzerland, but also warm and convenient activities, and now the pantyhose is really the benefit of girls ah ~

Understand the basic types of pantyhose thickness is just getting started ~ Then the little fat girl will introduce to you how to wear pantyhose, so many colors we have to choose how to match?

First of course, of course, the most classic black, was thin, was leggy, but looks like it is more wild, coat trench coat dress sweater skirts, these have come to control ~

Of course, this can not say that black is really wild! Black pantyhose is actually not very suitable with light-colored, pink lines of clothing, see the picture:

Although the models are beautiful and skinny, but not as if there is something strange? This is because the black pantyhose with a light-colored clothes looks a bit unexpected, the two color contrast is too obvious, giving a feeling of "head and shoulders heavier weight." However, this is not to say that black pantyhose can not be matched with light-colored clothes, as long as it matches well with shoes and half skirts,

Between the light-colored shirt and black pantyhose plus a dark half-skirt transition, and then with black shoes, the proportion of the lower body can stretch the visual, it seems longer legs and it does not look so shallow Color shirt and black pantyhose so contrasting the two colors!

Followed by the autumn and winter to recommend a good ride pantyhose, it must be gray! Of course, several sub-gray, light gray gray and so on gray, gray tights wardrobe from shallow to deep a variety of clothes.

Light gray can be the winter with the lightest color coat, bright yellow ah yes ah no problem

Dark gray and black a little closer, if you do not want to wear "a black", you can make dark gray tights to neutralize ~

Moderate gray is like this, come to feel ~

Gray can also match the feeling of the British wind ~

Chubby girl Tips: Wear gray pantyhose with the shallow mouth shoes, the more shallow the mouth, the more significant leg length Oh!

Next to the debut is coffee color pantyhose ~

And caramel color, the color of the Department of clothes together very well combined, bright yellow, red, warm warm colors can be together.

The last one to be introduced to everyone, is the latest small chubby start - light leg artifact!

Before the small chubby girl saw the small sisters in the street wearing skirts shorts, exposed legs, looked cold shiver shaking, so cold days actually still bare legs! ? Facts have proved that chubby girl is too naive, with this double light leg artifact, you can create a "I am not afraid of the cold can wear a good look," the illusion.

Light leg artifact is velvet flesh-colored pantyhose, pay attention to when buying, do not choose to fake meat, not to say bad, just feel ... ... a word hard ...

Well, chubby girl put on the winter of this year, the bottom of the pantyhose are told you, in the selection of pantyhose when the heart a little bit at the end of it ~ If you want to know know soon, leave us a message or scan the QR code Add fans to tell us ~