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The new F4 is about to emerge, the height of 185 top value, with you a lot of new husband

Entertainment 2017-12-10 21:20:25 19

Small fresh meat Hu day is completely fire, his name is basically hot search every day, like his daughter is also a large number of a large number of up, microblogging fans easily break 5000000! Because of acting a net drama: "To us a simple little beautiful." </ span>

In contrast, the female advocate Shen seems less concerned about the degree, but it does not matter. Shen month will catch up soon! Because she has become a new version of meteor flower garden actress, and absolutely immeasurable! </ span>

Think before watching the actress can be big S and Zheng Shuang ah! The two of them are now a big coffee. Shen moon plasticity and very strong, meteor garden hair and makeup are not the same as the small beautiful, will give you a refreshing feeling. </ span>

Contrast Taiwan's Taiwan version and Hunan version of Chinese cedar: all are pure and lovely. </ span>

A little spoiler for everyone, the new hostess home is no longer so poor, her mother opened a restaurant, so the family will not be so bad. The conflict between her husband and her husband changed from a difference between rich and poor to a disagreement. This change is also in conformity with the requirements of the times. Nowadays, children grow up quite richly, and if the differences in the money class are emphasized, they are not in line with the actual situation. </ span>

After the hostess, to introduce men and women. It is reported that the average male height 185cm, age 21 years old. Proper small fresh meat it! After the drama was broadcast, how many of you four her husband! </ span>

The Meteor Garden producer or Taiwan's original Chai Chih-chih, with her, the value of the other no problem. She excavated Ke Zhendong, Wang continent of people. And many well-known Taiwanese TV series are produced by her, such as "devil in the side" and 2007 youth idol "Corner Encounter Love", both of which are the same time Taiwan ratings champion. Therefore, the three words Chai Zhi-screen ratings protection. </ span>

The most handsome male main road temple was born in 1998, played by Wang Hedi, so: </ span>

is not handsome? Very Japanese style, the color value is better than Jerry Yan and Zhang Han: </ span>

Shooting Taiwan's old version, the funding is not enough, many clothes are Chai Chi-screen in the night market stalls to buy. No worries about the new version of the problem, modeling will be better than Taiwan's old version. </ span>

As for the Hunan version, Zhang Han is the hairstyle of this hair. At that time, when I saw him playing, I really did not want to admit that this is the male leader. </ span>

It is reported that the new version of Taoism Temple is no longer a low eunuch who does not get along with others. The new temple will be more lively, because now the children are familiar with the communication, not so jerky. </ span>

Wang He Di won the championship in this year's variety show, "Super Idol", and has been featured in five TV series including "100% Boys" and "Bu Xi Sheng Lian". Coupled with this is bound to burst fire meteor garden, Wang Hedi is fast red to purple rhythm. </ span>

In addition his sister Daoming Zhuang is played by a small S Oh! Definitely super domineering sister. </ span>

Is your favorite Hanazawa class played by Koho, curly flower Ze you like it? </ span>

Compare Taiwan's old version and Hunan version: still like Zaizai how to do! </ span>

Guan Hong was born in 1995, he was Chai-chih-ping in the street, "picked up", 2014 Hong hung in shorts with a broken umbrella walking, was Chai-screen fancy, to the phone. It seems a handsome man no matter how shy can not hide the light ah! </ span>

Look at this self-hung hung, I feel this version of Hanazawa will be more naughty it. </ span>

Beauty is played by Liang Jing Kang, also participated in the "super-idol" program. He played the game is Hasee class and Simon, and later chose to act beautiful because of this character lively and humorous, and he was like, "I easily get along with others, and later we may see this side of my character like this Role. "</ Span>

Compare the previous beauty: </ span>

There is also a Simon is played by Wu Xize, he is Chai-screen from 30,000 resumes selected. And a friend will secretly get his resume to sign up for the new "Meteor Garden" actor selection. </ span>

Compared to the other three, he is a newcomer with no experience at all. His microblogging fans are also the least, currently only more than 10,000. Baidu Encyclopedia in the introduction is the easiest. </ span>

Take a look at the previous Simon: </ span>

New F4 young sunshine turned out! </ span>

In terms of big S, this is the wave of the Yangtze River to push the waves! I do not know what broadcast the most lap it? </ span>