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Luo Jin admitted to buy a house in Beijing and Shanghai, the parents are very satisfied with Tang Yan

Entertainment 2017-12-10 18:06:31 352

Recently, for some time, nearly six months of silence Tang Yan Luo Jin finally appeared in the media and the public's perspective. In 2017, both of them completed more than five films and TV dramas, busy one year, many users are analyzed, both of whom are ready to marry into life in 2018.

Although a few days ago sugar candy birthday party, many think all think, Luo Jin must go with a diamond ring to marry him did not expect things contrary to the wishes, the whole party low-key and warm so it ended.

Only for the 2018 plan, Luo Jin finally revealed in the recent talk show, the first is that both parents have officially met, but also for the marriage has also been put on the agenda, the most crucial is that Luo Jin The parents for Tang Yan this daughter-in-law that is quite satisfied.

But there is a point that is the most important thing is to get married, there must be a wedding room ah, after Luo Jin's work center of gravity have been placed in Beijing, said during the interview, most of the night to see one The ash of the house will make obsessive-compulsive disorder can not sleep, have to drag and rub the table to get two or three midnight. In order to allow parents to enjoy their later years, Luo Jin also took his father and mother have been living in Beijing.

However, in the interview process, Luo Jin himself made it clear that Beijing and Shanghai will have a home in two places, it seems really ready to formally purchase a house

For TangYan, the most lethargic to his father is, in the early years of the program, TangDad also said that the daughter of the bridegroom that one moment is the hardest one Ikan.

However, for Luo Jin, Tang dad himself is quite acceptable, the most important thing is that Luo Jin academic qualifications, people steadfast, one look is a man who live.

And Luo Jin is also exposing, even if Tang Yan together, but also to take care of sugar and sugar, it seems that the couple has already begun to play like a couple as usual normal life, the difference between the collar of the marriage step.

So according to the current situation, the two of them should march to the marriage hall in 2018. It may be in the New Year this year when the two gathered together to eat a reunion dinner, put the wedding specific issues given down.

No matter how to say, Luo Jin and Tang Yan regarded as entertainment star rare romance, can get all the fans blessing, and now Luo Jin has also begun to buy a house in Beijing, Shanghai, and he and Tang Yan's marriage finally Progress has been made.

Bless this pair of lovers as soon as possible into the marriage hall. After all, from love to marriage are almost 3 years time, and do not continue to delay, even if you are not in a hurry, like you friends and fans are also looking forward to this one day too!