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How big is the NBA star's foot? Uncle Mu beat Yao Ming, O'Neal shoes are half-high

Sports 2017-12-10 19:25:44 66

It is said that basketball is the game of giants, but there are countless giants in the NBA alliance. These giants have a guilty conscience and are unimaginable just like their big feet. Now let's take a look at what players in the NBA are footing oversized? And how big is these giants' shoes?

Durant's official height is 2.06 meters, but after all verified Durant at least 2.10 meters in height, so Durant also has a pair of big feet, from the picture of the feet at least 70 yards it , But very slender Durant always out shoes. Durant shoes official size is 54 yards is quite large.

Yao Ming also has a gigantic giant, Yao Ming's shoes from the map comparison with the normal shoes can be seen that Yao Ming's shoes almost half a foot big. However, the official size of Yao Ming shoes is 53 yards, Yao Ming's height of 2.29 meters, in fact, this shoe size can not say too much.

Robin - Lopez is also a bigfoot player, at an event, the US gymnastics champion Byers visited the Bulls locker room, Byers curious players shoes size, and found Lopez shoes, from Byers and Robin shoes photo is easy to see, Robin's shoes have more than Byers's shoulder.

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant centers in the history of the NBA, and O'Neill's huge body must have a pair of big feet to support, then O'Neill shoes how big? Perhaps the next figure you can feel more intuitive.

Small ball wearing O'Neal 34 jersey, holding his boots, in stark contrast! O'Neill's shoes look, even half a child high!

Detroit legend Bigfoot Lanier early exit the league, Lanier 15 career averages scored 20 +10 data, but more concerned than his career is his big feet, and O'Neal The same shoes size of 58 yards, is Lanier's life label, is also the nickname of Lanier.

If you think 58 yards of shoes is the league's most, it is a mistake, the legendary center Mutombo shoes size is the league's most, Mu uncle has a pair of 59 yards big feet, no wonder he can Defensive end of wanton, hat you can not find the North, a pair of big feet gave him a stable strength, which is the key to success Mu uncle.