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More and more smart people do not install TV wall at home, the rich are so popular, the effect is good 10

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More and more smart people do not install TV wall at home, rich people are popular so loaded, the effect is 10 times better

If your home decoration is also intended to install the TV wall, then you OUT, and now smart rich people are so popular, not only can save a lot of costs, but also make the decoration However, the traditional TV wall is expensive Can not meet the trend, when used for a long time becomes very beautiful, so now prefer this tall decoration, the effect is better than doing TV wall ten times.

Now more and more people do the same as the design of the above, the main material is the use of plaster line, this equipment is concise and elegant look, the price is much cheaper than the TV wall, the traditional 嘏 exaggerated TV wall is outdated, this Nordic atmosphere of the decoration, will make people feel better, not prone to visual fatigue, is the current choice of young people to decorate.

In the decoration, may wish to communicate with workers about the design background, because the plaster line plasticity is very strong, so you can create any design you want, but if it is more complex plaster line, you need a professional team Mold can be done, this time to pay attention to find a professional company to do, otherwise the shape will be very ugly to do, compared to the wall to save more time and effort saving, but also beautiful and elegant appearance.

Gypsum lines to design the background wall, you can see the side of the owner clean and tidy, not sloppy personality, which is the traditional TV background wall can not be done, usually we will use a large back shape to do decoration, because Looks more atmosphere, no matter what kind of furniture styles are suitable.

Of course, gypsum line can not only be used in the TV's background wall, even the ceiling and the bedroom and other places can be, especially the European-style decoration, you can save a lot of money, if you feel too depressed ceiling, then Can be replaced with plaster lines, not only save money, looks comfortable.

For some curved gypsum wire modeling, are generally used to customize the mold out, so a professional team is very important, not only well-equipped, and even technology will be more adept, after all, the house is a residence for decades, million Do not be cheaper to find some casual workers to do, that is, the efficiency of slow and slow.

Smart home owners do not install TV wall, and now more popular with gypsum lines to do the decoration, the design is ten times better than the TV wall.