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Hu day Shen Shen moving truth? She wants to leave the crew, do not want to say goodbye to her and said these words

Entertainment 2017-12-10 17:37:04 27

At present, Hu Yi Tian, ​​Shen Yue et al starring "to our simple and beautiful," the TV series has ushered in the finale, have to say, Hu Tianyin and Shen Yue are new entertainment, but they starred This play has now exceeded 2 billion broadcasts, which can be said to have achieved good results, and their future development is also very much looking forward to.

In other words, the drama that starred Hu Day and Shen Yue has such a high rating. Apart from the high value of the male and female actresses, the most important point is that all the girls are satisfied because of the love affair in the play Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao Xi Expectations of love.

Saying that seeing such a sweet Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen in the play, many netizens said that Hu Yi and Shen Yue felt the true colors because their characters in life are very close to the play, impulse.

Admittedly, from Hu days and Shen Yue extracurricular shooting tidbits of view, the two really talk to come, I remember before the play in the film, when Chen Xiaoshi actor Shen Yue to leave the crew, because in the mid-run into the Hu One day, so he wanted to hug him goodbye, did not think when Shen month on a day Hu said, "I'm gone ah, to hug the courtesy of hug." Hu actually actually very perfunctory shot Shen months and said he made .

For Hu's attitude toward this one day, netizens said: This is Jiang Chen! Presumably Hu day should not want to say goodbye to Shen Moon, after all, hug is for people to be separated. Old Hu should not be true to the Shen moon it! Otherwise, she will not face Shen Yue who wants to say good-bye to him, saying that he is "doing anything."

In addition, there are fans yy out of the day when the idea of ​​Hu,

Said: One day Hu must be thinking in my heart, "I can not show up so she found that I am very cold."

Anyway, Hu dared to say Shen Moon's "make-a-wish" for a few months, indicating that even if they are not couples, they have long since developed a relationship of good friends. Saying, if you have a chance, you look forward Hu once again and Shen Yue again co-shot a Jiang Chen, Chen Xiaoxi married life?

You want Hu day and Shen month together?