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Everyone has boots, how to wear than other fashion? Learn this trick is enough!

Fashion 2017-12-10 17:06:54 10

Everyone has boots, but I am more beautiful than you wear!

Xiao Bian said

Autumn and winter boots figure,

Booties, boots, velor boots ...

How to match better boots?

Try these seven wearing skills,

Look how beautiful you are ~

Same color, Sadaka □ 瘦 </ strong>

This match is mainly due to the cleverness of the same color

Do not look too clear pants and legs of the actual boundaries

Careful machine to build an extremely long proportion of the legs

Black is more prevalent in autumn and winter

Classic wild colors, the key is thin

Choose to have the same boots with more extension effect can double

Classic black silk with boots </ strong>

Do not want black silk flow in cheesy

That should pay attention to the texture of black silk

Try to avoid too thoroughly meat black stockings

If the stockings a bit permeate

Can be used with tough jacket to neutralize

Coupled with a street style car boots models

Will be able to enhance the texture while injecting personality

Classic black stockings can be used with more colors

Boots choose black is the most wild

Boots are more temperament with dresses </ strong>

Although boots with trousers OK

But the most suitable or with dresses

Whether short skirts with boots

Or a dress, covered boots

Both with the temperament can make you soar

Slightly bigger some skirt style

The most suitable autumn and winter primer wear

Coat when cold, lamb coat will do

You can think of oversized sweater skirts

With boots is very trendy

Light skirt style

Very suitable for partners like Guangdong over there to wear

This domineering set is also no one

Anyway, the gas field full

Long dress with bare boots </ strong>

Bare boots with the most highlights the charm of autumn and winter dresses

Although covered slender ankle

However, the pointed style can still be significantly higher and thinner

The key is to dress more warm, suitable for winter

Reveal the finest calf part

It is extremely witty

Cold girl, you can wear stockings Oh

Or you can learn this way

Dress just cover the leg

Simply perfect

Wide-leg pants with pointy bare boots more stylish </ strong>

Wide-leg pants this winter is still prevalent

Note the length of the pants and ankle boots the ratio is perfect

In principle, walking to reveal the best ankle boots

Cloak was thin wide leg pants

Wear thick autumn pants should not see it

This pointed ankle boots with wide leg pants

Very obvious temperament Oh

Weight-to-feel boots make winter fit </ strong>

Increased waterproof platform or rough with

These have a sense of volume boots models

Can hold up the winter multi-level wear

The most suitable coat with winter coat and so on

Whether heavy coat or windbreaker

With rough with boots is appropriate

Will not be like the fine with winter can not control the heavy

The key is comfort is also good

Long jeans with rough heel boots more retro </ strong>

Oversize's style is particularly hot this year

Long pants are also sought after by the people

Xiaobian recommended today is the retro jeans trousers

With a rough with the boots section

Not only high but also show the ability to practice gas field

Because the boots are mostly covered by trousers

So moment is the big long legs ah

Forked style more personality

Look at your preferences

Well, girls,

Than you are beautiful people are learning a hand,

With new learning skills, the United States over them ~