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Heavy! 2.0 version of the shared box came out: no fear of privacy leaks

News 2017-12-10 15:06:47 155

The total volume of express delivery in China is over 30 billion pieces per year. The carbon dioxide produced by incinerating non-degradable courier bags and tapes is extremely harmful. Green logistics is the focus of the current e-commerce industry and the society as a whole.

As early as in April Suning launched a shared courier box program, as of October, Suning put out more than 50,000 sharing courier boxes, recycling a total of more than 825000 times, during the double 11, from the north to the north widening to 13 cities city.

Currently, Suning Logistics has upgraded its shared courier box with the release of the new version 2.0 product. </ strong> Suning Express courier box is currently on the line using two sizes, length and breadth were 230 * 125 * 110,175 * 110 * 110 (unit: mm).

This new version of the shared express box, using environmentally friendly high-tech materials, light weight, non-toxic and harmless, durable, 100% recyclable recycling, the production process does not emit any toxic gases, no sewage, recyclable courier box It is also green.

Not only facilitate the recycling of environmental protection, but also can play a better protective role in logistics and transport, but also facilitate stacking of products in the warehouse and transport stacking, can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics and transport.

" In 2018, Suning Logistics plans to launch 200,000 'Shared Express Boxes' nationwide," said Suning Logistics's official in charge.

It is learned that, if the electricity supplier industry generally joined, a year can save 46.3 small Hinggan Mountains trees. And sharing courier box In the logistics of goods safety, set a solid one-time "sealing deduction", to maximize the protection of user privacy.

Suning share delivery box

Suning share delivery box 2.0