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"Calligraphy" "Jiulonggong Li Quan Ming"

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"Jiucheng Gong Li Chu Ming" Monument Tang Zhenguan six years (AD 632) was established in Shaanxi Linyou Jiucheng Gong, is located in Linyou County Du Shui Yang Jiucheng Palace site, built a pavilion, is now China's national treasures . The monument is 2.7 meters high, 0.27 meters thick, 0.87 meters wide and 0.93 meters wide, with limestone. Monument body, the first monument into one, the monument has been damaged, the monument has six dragon coiled, monument body inscription engraved "Nine Into Palace Li Quan Ming" six characters, Yang seal. 24 lines, full of 50 characters (due to the original monument in Song erected damaged, the last line has been completely invisible, so full of 49 words misinformation). Regular script Body side of the body, the back of the carved text, writing has no way to identify. Inscription written by Wei Zheng, Ouyang inquiry, no carving research.

The book pen and vigorous, stippling though thin and hard, but look rich and plump, upward pick challenge striking implied, with the official script. Elegant and generous font structure, the French rigorous, seemingly sound, but in reality is dangerous. The use of rectangular rectangular shape, words, spacing are larger, the rules seem relaxed and clear.

Point of exquisite and accurate shape, in particular, knot layout dangerous, Palace contraction, outreach 逶 迤, dense contrast, but has a super sense of stability.

With the pen square, and can be seen in the square cut off dangerous, calligraphy and painting arrangement compact, well-proportioned, open and steady between the frame. The glyphs are rather slender in nature, seeking pen and stability in the strenuous efforts, especially in the zoned end, the pen to the end of the tail will be steadily filed. The overall inscription Gao Hua Hong Park, the law is very strict, a little plan have become a model for generations to come, is the representative of Ouyang later years later, so the future generations to learn regular script often use this monument as a model.