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Lang Ping this sentence, for Li Yingying's national team of the road cast a "shadow"

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It can be concluded that although Li Yingying has not exceeded Zhu Ting, the future may not be able to surpass Zhu Ting, but she has already exceeded Zhu Ting over the same period.

Zhu Ting at the age of 17, Henan Provincial Women's Volleyball Team or a second player, unknown. When she was 18 years old Lang Ping summoned the national team, many people are asking: "Zhu Ting who?

Zhu Ting at the age of 18, on behalf of the National Youth team expedition to the Swiss Women's Volleyball Classic, and then get the 2013 World Volleyball Championships and MVP, began some people know her. But her influence at that time, probably equivalent to the current Yang Han-yu.

Zhu Ting officially became the main force of the Chinese women's volleyball team, who are familiar with the world, should be the 2014 women's volleyball World Championships. At that time, she was 20 years old.

Zhu Ting in December 2013 to create a single Chinese women's volleyball league scoring record - 43 points. That is the women's volleyball team 2013-2014, Henan Women's volleyball match against Shandong Women's Volleyball. Competition played five innings, Henan women's volleyball team won the victory, but to be honest, when the women's volleyball team in Henan Province and Shandong, are underdogs, and now the Shanghai Volleyball and Tianjin Women's Volleyball can not be mentioned in the same breath.

Zhu Ting at this time, 19 years old.

However, after 00 Ying Li Ying players in her 17-year-old season, in 2017-2018 China Women's Volleyball Super League, only a short period of 41 days, has been famous.

From the beginning of the 9th league, Li Yingying continuous brush screen, become the hot topic of Chinese fans street sports supernova.

After 10 rounds of the league, Liying Ying scored the top spot and smashing the top spot, opened the gap with the second place nearly 30 points. She is still serve, defensive list ranked No. 8. And Zhu Ting in one fell swoop to create at the age of 19, a league record of 43 points single-game record.

Liying Ying, 17, has undoubtedly surpassed Zhu Ting, now 17 years old.

However, compared with Zhu Ting, Li Yingying's growth path is slightly bumpy.

Zhu Ting at the age of 18 was Langping fancy, into the Chinese women's volleyball team training team, from one step ascend to heaven.

Although Li Yingying was called to the national team training Lang Lang at the age of 15, but not roster, only "listen to students" and so far no date.

Although this year into the World Volleyball Grand Prix Chinese women's volleyball list, but it is "naming."

In 2017, China Youth Volleyball Team once again won the World Youth Championship, the age-appropriate player Yingying Ying listless.

Even in the Tianjin team, in the hands of former manager Bao-Quan Wang, Li Yingying League in the first half of this year, have not played the main force, the bench debut is very rare.

Is gold, always flash.

The current league, Li Yingying in Tianjin youth team mentor Chen Youquan began teaching Tianjin women's volleyball team, Li Yingying understand his strength, does not require "probationary period", he determined from the very beginning Li Yingying core league.

Until this moment, Li Yingying, with his superb skills, broke free from all kinds of interests, broke through many prejudices, suppressed and doubted, and opened up a blood trail before the world.

Now, 17-year-old Li Yingying has firmly occupy the main location of the Tianjin women's volleyball team, but, it seems always pregnant with her long way to go.

Women's volleyball team in China, the world stage in the women's volleyball team, there is no one of her stool.

Logically, win-win classmates in the league's current qualifications for her team in the national team to seek a look at the drinking fountains or clapping, should have a chance of winning seven percent.

However, Lang Ping recently accepted a few words when interviewed by Bai Yansong, and cast a shadow over Li Yingying's national team.

Lang Ping said: "As Zhu Ting is such a talent, I think it should take a decade, 20 years to find one, not every year."

Obviously, only four years after we found Zhu Ting, we all discovered another Zhu Ting.

However, we can see from this sentence that Lang Ping does not think so.

In this case, it is also Yan Zai!