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Tuesday makeup, workplace OL essential

Fashion 2017-12-10 08:30:08 17

If Monday is the meeting bombing day, Tuesday is a thriving business day, it is time to adjust the status and start working wholeheartedly doing something slightly ~ At this time you need a strong gas field for you to suppress!

OL you go out to see the customer talk about the work, have not thought about the fact that ordinary commuting makeup can not hold some large scenes, may wish to learn a defensive OL makeup to enhance the aura.

For its own small round face born cute, this makeup can also be appropriate, "aging" without significant old.

— ❶ —

Bottom makeup

Bottom makeup requirements and ordinary commuting makeup and not much difference in essence, gas makeup emphasizes the eye makeup and lip makeup, so the makeup must be thin, or later with more strong lipstick and eye makeup is easy to give Causes makeup feeling too heavy.

The first layer of light texture of the isolation, dull skin, acne India, dark circles concealer, a thin layer of foundation to cover pores evenly color like.

— ❷ —

Eyebrow makeup

To make yourself look less childish you have to start with the eyebrows, because the shape of the eyebrows played a key role in the image. Faded looks soft and cute Meng Mei eyebrows and brows, into neat, more spiritual micro-Mei Mei.

Clear eyebrow peaks and eyebrows can make people look more neat and spirited, slightly longer eyebrow shape can play a role in stretching the face from the visual.

From brow to Mei Wei color gradually thickens, the brow should be the lightest color, you can use the brush to swipe, adjust it.

— ❸ —

Eye makeup

Although nowadays advocates no makeup, light eye makeup, but too pure liquid eye makeup will make people look like graduated students, when talking with customers it is difficult to not ignore your opinion.

There is a sense of makeup but keep the makeup clean is a positive solution.

Eye makeup color try to avoid the pink line, orange Department of this girl color, with apricot, brown or smoke pink instead to be a good choice. Use the closest to the color of the eye shadow in the eyelid to the bottom part of the choice of dark eye shadow brush in the eyes and eye end to strengthen the deep sense of the eye.

Eye to eye position with pearlescent eye shadow blooming.

Lower eyelid to dizzy, with pearlescent eye shadow instead of under the liner to create bling bling shiny eyes.

With a black eyeliner along the root of the upper eyelashes draw a slightly drooping line, the end of the eye elongated, enlarge the eyes at the same time bring their own innocent sense.

Use mascara gently brush the folder up and down the eyelashes, pay attention to when brushing the eyelashes do not be too hard, gently.