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Daily Florid: December 9 Chrysanthemum - the same day star Li Xiuming / Chen Hao / Wu Gang (Figure)

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December 9

Nickname: Chrysanthemum

Florid: noble

Flower Fortune: You are like an angel loved, coupled with honest and cheerful personality, so many people become your skirts minister. Your love is pure white, pay attention to the friends around, one of them is your real life, his warm love will be able to move you.

Speaking Proverbs: get the perfect love, is the greatest joy in life.

Flower blessing: December 9 born friends happy birthday!

Born on December 9 Celebrity:

1447 - Ming Dynasty Emperor Ming Xianzong was born.

1900 - British biochemist, science historian Needham was born.

1916 - American actor Kirk Douglas was born.

1943 - American actor Bo Brigith was born.

1954 - Li Xiuming, Chinese actress was born.

1958 - Wu Gang, Chinese actor

1975 - Chinese actor, Zhang Xiaolong was born.

1979 - Chinese actress Chen Hao was born.

1979 - Taiwanese actress Han Yu was born.

1980 - American film and television actor Simon Helberg

1982 - Mainland actress Liu Tingyu was born.

1984 - Taiwanese advertising beauty Li Yijin was born.

1984 - Cucumber girl, Taiwan female artist Hu Ying Zhen was born.

1989 - Chinese actress Tang Yi Xin was born

December 9 Major Events:

536 - Byzantine Empire General Belizean led the army to regain the occupation of the East Gothenburg Rome.

1425 - Pope Martin V issued an order creating the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium's oldest university.

1824 - Colombian and Peruvian coalition forces led by Antonio José Sucre defeated the Spanish Rebel in Ayacucho battle.

1836 - Mikhail Glinka's opera "Ivan Susaneen" performed in St. Petersburg.

1851 - The YMCA was first established in Montreal in North America.

1905 - Richard Strauss premiered at the Royal Opera House in Dresden based on the opera "Salomé" by Wilde's theater.

1917 - Portuguese Republican government collapsed.

1958 - The Yellow River Sanmenxia closure project is over. </ span>

1961 - Tanganyika announces independence. </ span>

1961 - International Table Tennis Championships Trial "Rotating serve."

1963 - Federal Bureau of Investigation released Kennedy's murder investigation report.

1968 - Mouse's birth day. Dr Doug Ngrebeit at the Stanford Institute in the United States showed the first mouse and presented the GUI concept.

1978 - The Eighth Bangkok Asian Games opening.

1979 - Ma Yanhong won the first gymnastics world championship for our country.

1991 - Maastricht Treaty Opens. </ span>

1994 - China's first quasi-high-speed railway automatic blockade opened.

2010 - Xiangfan City officially changed its name to Xiangyang.