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If human and animal characters swap ... such a world, do you dare to imagine?

Science 2017-12-09 20:19:41 77

If one day, the role of man and animal exchange, what would be the situation?

Barbara Daniel </ strong>, an artist from California, USA, uses her painting to portray a world in which people and animal characters are interchangeable.

Barbara Daniel

With bold assumptions, humans become the creatures at the bottom of the food chain in her work, becoming the target of abusive killings.

Barbara Daniel works

Cruel style, but also allow people to think: Do we treat animals really correct?

Let's take a look at some of Barbara Daniel's work on human-animal interaction.

Be the target of being seen and teased in the zoo

Just as we treat the monkeys in the zoo

Humans have also become ornaments that look very tall

"Belt control good people"

Trained in the circus

Become the object of the crowd in the Colosseum

Scratched the fur

Intensive rapid breeding

Be locked in the supermarket door

"Fresh people"

Now kill to sell

Riding a race

Study the object of the experiment

Accept "cow labor" insemination

Become eaten fast food

Was used to dissect the study

Endless use to produce milk

Living Grilled human skin

"Harm" all destroyed

Roasted people

Sightseeing car

Of course, there will be "protection of human organizations"

Looked at these, do you think people should treat the animals in what way?