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Asian guy fitness 5 years, practicing overbearing muscle, pretending to be so simple girl

News 2017-12-09 16:01:00 102

In many European and American eyes, strong men are more worthy of worship, so whether it is black or yellow, as long as they can practice a muscle, so that Europe and the United States respect and sought after!

The little brother, Steven Cao, was born in 1994. He is 23 today and is a half-breed from Vietnam and France! Although he is called a hybrid, he actually has an Asian face.

Handsome face and strong muscles, let him countless powder, his fans than most of the fitness net red are high, reaching as many as 430,000! Barefoot height 177.5cm, weight 83.9 - 88.5 kg.

Left is his 16-year-old photo, the right is a 22-year-old photo, strictly speaking, formally started from 18 years of fitness, to 23 years old this year, has been fitness for a full five years, the speed is staggering, so many people will He is called the Asian genius teenager in the world of fitness!

Steven Cao started out as a basketball player with a plan to make a living, but since basketball has to be strength-trained, Steven has fallen in love with fitness since he started strength training.

Of course, Steven Cao, not just want to fitness, he hoped to play aerobics, but the process of preparing for the match is not easy, he encountered the inguinal hernia, the small intestine out of position, when found intestines almost black, and his Had to undergo surgery once and rest for three months.

Of course so young to practice such a muscular body muscles, Steven Cao is also facing the outside world questioned, others think he was 18 years old medication, so practice so fast. However, Stephen did not care about these, because these unreasonable accusations replied more futile.

Steven Cao after two years of hard work, eventually won the fitness card in 2017 occupation card. Many people think that his body is like a bodybuilder from the 1970s, with a wide shoulders and a back that looks like a bat. It is perfect. So he got a lot of European and American girls' pro-gaze, no matter wherever he goes, there is always a sister with him.

Stephanie often runs his girlfriend online and writes: Fitness men should find a girl who shares the same interests because they help you practice better and have a healthier life. </ Strong> However, at present in the country, fitness boys want to find a girl in iron is a little more difficult, really tears Ben!

Steven Cao's figure more in line with the public's aesthetic, this figure is the bodybuilding industry is relatively scarce classical muscle shape, but the controversy is still there for him, but in general the praise is far more than questioned!