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China to showcase the world's No. 1 metal reactor: Chinese nuclear submarines after the incredible

Military 2017-12-09 15:10:39 12

Recently, our country exposed an advanced nuclear reactor, which is different from the pressurized water reactors used by the normal normal warships. The reactor is a metal reactor. The internal coolant and circuit of the metal reactor are not the normal water but the metal Compared with PWR, the biggest advantage of metal heap is that the volume can be relatively small, and the structure can also be simpler. Therefore, the metal heap is mainly used in nuclear submarines. During the Cold War, Russia built several nuclear submarines. Due to the advantages of nuclear reactors, the nuclear submarine can reach more than 40 knots. Due to the use of titanium alloy to construct the shell, this Super-nuclear submarine capable of carrying out combat missions at 900 meters underwater. The speed and depth record the submarine has hitherto failed to surpass. Although eventually it has not been built due to the stability and cost disadvantage of the metal heap, the performance of such an advanced submarine is needed by any country.

The metal stack, which places the liquid metal in a loop, achieves a much higher temperature and multiplication effect on the circuit, resulting directly in much faster temperature and reaction rates and a certain advantage over multiple cycles, Lower noise and quieter speed, the power of the metal heap has considerable advantages due to the relative unit power is better, which is why the metal heap is favored, the biggest problem before is the manufacture of liquid metal And stability is a big problem, but for China this is precisely a small problem.

In recent years, China has frequently made new innovations in materials technology. In addition to producing new ceramic materials with a fire resistance of 3000 degrees, it has also manufactured advanced energy materials such as all-anion nitrogen salts. This technology, even compared with the late Soviet Union, It is not impossible for China to manufacture advanced liquid metal materials, and our country can also study advanced breeder reactors so that the life and power of nuclear reactors can be greatly enhanced. As far as the U.S. nuclear reactor on the Ohio-class nuclear submarine is concerned, as long as China has developed a 40-megawatt nuclear reactor, it can fully guarantee the capability of our country to attack the nuclear submarines and only need a 60-megawatt nuclear reactor. China and even China Advanced nuclear submarines capable of producing more than 40 knots can be easily hunted down for strategic nuclear submarines in the United States.

And advanced nuclear reactors can not only be used on nuclear submarines, but also can be used on China's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Two nuclear reactors with a power of over 120 MW can ensure that China's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers have more powerful power than the U.S. Ford. This not only ensures that Aircraft carrier equipped with advanced radar and electromagnetic catapult blocking system, but also to ensure that China's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers have more potential for improvement, the future can be equipped with laser or electromagnetic gun system, operational capabilities can be doubled, and this is obviously the United States aircraft carrier Can not do it.

Although China still has a long way to go in the distance from the United States in nuclear technology, it is not far off. However, the naval capability of our country wants to go beyond the natural needs of the United States to go some completely different paths. Studying metal nuclear reactors can not only obtain more advanced nuclear reactors, Beyond the US Navy in combat effectiveness.