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Another high-value mobile phone hit, Huawei nova 2s to endorse the fashion trend

Digital 2017-12-09 13:30:51 110

This year is a year full screen mobile phone outbreak, all mobile phone manufacturers have introduced their first full screen mobile phone. Looking at the current full screen mobile phone a beautiful, large screen with intelligent human-computer interaction, so that users also put it down to full screen mobile phone, recently to focus on aesthetic design of Huawei launched a Huawei nova 2s full screen mobile phone, Huawei nova 2s is a flagship high-value, high profile, take the trend line of mobile phones, once released will be sought after by young friends.

Interestingly, this Huawei nova 2s actually co-operation with the popular game "Monument Valley 2" and introduced the scene at the press conference to restore the classic scene. Known for the magnificent scene of the hand-tour "Monument Valley 2", to bring the player a pleasant look. The game is a decryption mobile game, players need hands, eyes, brain to achieve the perfect match to clearance, it can be said that the game is beautiful and interesting, and Huawei nova 2s complement each other.

Huawei nova 2s arrival, it can be said to the fiery full-screen mobile phone market has added a fire, a high-value mobile phone this winter. Huawei nova 2s uses a 6-inch Full incell high-resolution LCD screen, while the screen up to 16: 9, with the ultimate narrow bezel technology, so that the phone's screen more atmosphere, while bringing more for the game player The game's horizons. "Monument Valley 2" draws players with excellent quality, coupled with the support of the high-value Huawei nova 2s, I believe you would like to take this phone try it.

The design of the mobile phone adheres to the consistent aesthetic style of Huawei. To our surprise, the pre-fingerprint identification adopted by Huawei's nova 2s improves the operability of the mobile phone compared with the post-fingerprint recognition so that the user is using In the more convenient, while Huawei nova 2s selected the glass as the main material of the fuselage, this design in the current mobile phone industry only in the flagship machine will appear, the glass body to bring more rounded users Feel, also improved a lot from the texture.

At the edge of the phone also uses the wave pattern design, through the different craft to create a ramp wave texture, the phone's border is fully integrated in the phone's screen, while the creamy feel enough to ensure that users will not easily fall in the grip, I am afraid this superb craft only first-class manufacturers can do it.

Let us be surprised that this phone also uses a four-camera design, front with a 20-megapixel main camera and a two-megapixel vice lens, the main lens is responsible for high-definition imaging, so that when the phone in the Selfie Clearer, while the deputy lens can show a more real blur effect, with the upgraded beauty algorithm, minute more beautiful shoot their own.

In the rear of the Huawei nova 2s using a color + black and white dual camera program, 20 million pixels black and white +1600 million color bionic dual camera program, the top configuration for users to create the flagship camera experience. In addition, Huawei nova 2s is also configured with game-free mode, you can play in the WiFi / VoLTE environment, while playing the game to answer the phone, to bring users more immersive gaming experience. The Huawei 2VA brings a stunning full screen, plus a double glass body make this phone Yan burst value, and the United Monument Valley 2 brings beautiful theme wallpaper, accurate grasp of the needs of young users. High-value, high-profile Huawei nova 2s will be your most anticipated product.