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China's most cattle teacher, eight Tang and Song dynasties, as many as five of his students!

History 2017-12-09 07:35:01 1391

Jiangshan generation talent, the leading position for decades. 5000 years of history in China, people can come forth in large numbers, some of which are extremely demon, such as the well-known ghost millet, Sima Hui, taught students, all of them can become a party "mastermind", to make some famous event!

But there is also a man, himself a great writer, is one of the eight members of the Tang and Song Dynasties, and Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan, Su Shi and later generations jointly known as the "eternal articles of the four." However, little-known is that this person has five students, also ranked the Tang and Song dynasties!

In other words, "Tang and Song dynasties", in addition to their own, the rest of the Song Dynasty five were from his door. It is worth mentioning that these people are in the name of anonymous, by his phase, the recommended, carrying and famous in the world, so he called the most eternal cow music. This person is Ouyang Xiu, secondary school text "drunk Weng Ting Ji" author!

Ouyang Xiu's first student called Zeng Gong, began a nameless article, repeated tests. One day whim, wrote a letter to Ouyang Xiu, letter which has his masterpiece "when the policy", recommend yourself. Unexpectedly, under Ouyang Xiu's first reading, he was greatly surprised and regarded as a talented person. He even wrote the author's essay "Proceeding with Zeng Gong Xiu Cai" for his notoriety and reputation. Subsequently, Ouyang Xiu Gong had directly under the door, and later Gong Gong's blockbuster!

(Zeng Gong)

Since then, Ouyang Xiu Sumen three entourage, that Su Su, Su Shi, Su Zhe. Su Yi is a confused boy at the beginning, a talented person, but did not study hard, so repeatedly failed. Until 27 years old that year, angry, meditation study. Later, the 48-year-old Su Jiao voted for the article Ouyang Xiu, gold always shines, Su-Su's article makes Ouyang Xiu shouted: "Later articles when this!" Song Renzong immediately recommended " Since then, Su Jiao name move 汴 Beijing!

Soviet Union's two sons, Su Shi and Su Zhe's fame, can be considered Ouyang Xiu's support. Among them, Su Shi because Ouyang Xiu is an examiner, so it can be considered under the Ouyang Xiu. Gossip sentence, the ancient examiner, are equivalent to the Imperial Examination Shi teachers.

(Su Shi in TV series)

Ouyang Xiu's last student, very dramatic. This person is called Wang Anshi, was later known as "Xie Xianggong", Nanjing, temper is particularly smelly. The story is this, Wang Anshi imperial examination, Ouyang Xiu praised his literary talent, but also wrote a poem to praise him. Wang Anshi did not appreciate the result, arrogant, wrote a poem counterattack. However, Ouyang Xiu treatment of genius, has always been a good temper, and later exchanges are very close, until Wang Anshi change of law, the point of view there is a huge difference!

(Wang Anshi)

All in all, in the political arena, Ouyang Xiu's character is too straightforward. The history contains "harshness and lack of tolerance." EQ is relatively low. Yan Shu once said: "I rebuild the article, not for him." That is, I pay attention to Ouyang Xiu's article, but do not pay attention to his literati!

However, Ouyang Xiu in real talent on the younger generation, but it is good temper, tolerance is very large. Once encountered, then is to do our utmost to praise and recommend, and ultimately let a group of unknown young talent, famous Beijing, such as Zhang Zai, Cheng Huan, Lv Dajun, Bao Zheng, Han Qi, Wen Yan Bo, Sima Guang, etc. He has been praised or recommended.

(Ouyang Xiu)

Therefore, the Song Dynasty Ouyang Xiu Biography commented: "Prize cited later, if not enough time, under the appreciation of the rate of people." Therefore, regardless of Ouyang Xiu political elite how to say his vision alone can be described as China's most cattle The teacher, the most cattle bole! Among the ages, who can?