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Chinese men's and women's feet finally pulled leveling, women's 0-2 negative Korean audience 0 shot positive! With standings

Sports 2017-12-09 10:04:06 7

East Asian Cup Chinese women's first match of a 0-2 defeat to the North Korean women's football. The first 24 minutes, the Chinese women's midfielder return low-level mistakes, the North Korean women's football steals success in the face of Ma Jun, cross-road to the unattended Jinrunmei, Jin Runmei frontier restricted area after the ball low shot low left corner dead! North Korea Women's 1: 0 lead!

The first 78 minutes, DPRK women's football Wei Weixin right-sided passers-by over the ball, breaking the Chinese women's Wu Haiyan ball successfully reached the frontier forbidden zone, after conduction to Jin Runmei feet, Jinrunmei homeopathic easily Tuishe network. With Kim Yun-mei scored twice, North Korea Women 2 to 0 victory over China!

More than 0 to 2 lose more terrible is that the Chinese team audience only 2 shots, but also humiliating 0 shot positive, while the North Korean women's football has 15 shots, shot 8 times. Chinese women's football how to win such a performance? Following the men's regular routine of decadent, the Chinese women's football team has also begun to degenerate. The sonorous roses have dwindled. The men's and women's football have been even, and finally no longer scold the men's football.

According to the latest world rankings, the Chinese women's football world rankings ranked 13, the North Korean women's football world top 10, only a difference of 3 rankings, not the gap so much, right?

Compared to the persistent poor performance of men's football, the Chinese women's football FIFA highest ranking, but ranked fourth, also took the World Cup runner-up in 1999. Of course, the conditions and income of women's football can not be compared with the men's football, such as Evergrande's annual salary of tens of millions, while the highest international women's football is hundreds of thousands, but the conditions are always better than the North Korean women's football, the result is lost, and Is 0 shots, too shame it!

At present, the bottom of the Chinese women's football team, follow-up but also to face the challenge of Japan and South Korea's women's football, and now even get the East Asian Cup champion is not easy!