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Aunt hand jade Cartier bracelet off a few streets!

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When stars appear in this world, there is a group effect, people are competing to imitate, looking for those who can be similar behavior. This is particularly evident in the jewelry industry, not only because wearing jewelry is a daily affair of celebrities, but also because of its own jewels to enhance people's beauty. In today's jewelry industry, celebrities wrestle after wearing bracelet series of course, a number of Cartier love bracelet.

But today we are not Cartier love bracelet, with the focus on the back.

Female consumers are actually more inclined to wear our country's own jewelry culture bracelets, these bracelets in fact, the price itself, may have been much more expensive than the Cartier bracelets, but they are still the favorite of Chinese female consumers.

Jade bracelet </ strong>

Emerald is part of Chinese culture, which carries the meaning of history and culture and aesthetic appearance. Chinese people have an unspeakable love of emerald. It seems that since ancient times, our love of jade is higher than that of other foreign countries. The current emerald market has entered a mature period, many full of green bracelets have also been fired to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, while the middle class can consume from the kind of water better jade, but also hundreds of thousands to buy . Ordinary people can only tens of thousands, thousands of pieces of jade bracelets choose between. In addition jade bracelets also shoulder the role of family heritage, expensive bracelets are also as heirlooms, inheritance from generation to generation.

Why Jade bracelets Cartier bracelet a few streets? First, the value of emerald is why?

Few Emerald People </ strong>

Due to the small area of ​​emerald, coupled with Myanmar jade deposit for decades allowed most people involved, there is no way to study the emerald deposit in detail, coupled with the emerald trade is full of mystery, so just stay aware of the emerald individual perceptual stage.

Less geographically </ strong>

Can not see other gems from the origin, only in 5 to 6 countries, and can truly reach the gem-level only Myanmar, other origin except Russia, most can only do the carved pieces. Relative to other precious stones, less origin.

Low quality jadeite </ strong>

Jade outcrops and deposits have been discovered from time to time in the world. For example, the jadeite jade deposits have been found in Russia, the United States, Japan and Central America, but the gem-grade jadeite is missing. Emerald must be transparent, good color, but there must be some hard jade chromium ion is not easy, in particular, requires a certain percentage to show a good color, coupled with the particles have a certain transparency, but the general hard jade mineral Characteristics are short columnar, to form a fibrous crystalline structure is also a special condition, in the local circumstances arise.

Fewer formative time </ strong>

Burma Emerald formed more than 60 million years ago, the Himalayan movement plate tectonic rise, after a long period of geological history formed.

Less supply and demand </ strong>

Jade like more and more people, because Emerald is always the Chinese favorite gems, and before mainland China from the 1950s to the 1990s, low standard of living, most people do not have the financial ability to buy jade, the main jade market It is in Taiwan. However, as the living standards of people in mainland China continue to increase, the demand for emerald will also continue to expand. Relatively speaking, the output of gem-quality emerald is relatively small.

Less geographically </ strong>

Can not see other gems from the origin, only in 5 to 6 countries, and can truly reach the gem-level only Myanmar, other origin except Russia, most can only do the carved pieces. Relative to other precious stones, less origin.

Jade bracelets have always been the hedge! </ strong>

Emerald bracelet requirements of the jade raw materials can be said that all the most stringent jade jewelry, and some other jade jewelry are often used to make the remaining jade bracelets made of raw materials.

In general, the emerald bracelet on the raw material has three requirements: First, the volume is sufficient, at least the diameter must reach the diameter of the jade bracelet even more; followed by the whole piece of jade raw material without any cracks; Finally, it can be said is an additional condition, Requirements with some of the colors (mainly green, violet, Fei color, etc.) and some head, this condition determines the main value of jade bracelets produced.

Some consumers have to ask, why the requirements of raw materials jade bracelets so high? It turned out that jade bracelets is a very low demand on the style of jade jewelry, jewelry and other jade ornaments such as pendants can rely on the shape to modify the quality of jade, but the basic jade bracelet is a "round bar" directly exposed in front of people, quality Good or bad at a glance, which requires jade bracelets on the choice of raw materials must be very strict.

See this, have to say Jade bracelet Cartier bracelet a few blocks!