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Men will be highly toxic centipede puffer fish with each other, no idea of ​​the final result will be

Science 2017-12-09 02:17:02 39

Puffer fish is very poisonous and expensive price after the name may be in many people's eyes puffer is a cute creature, because it will be attacked once will own drum into a ball, looks very cute, But everyone ignored its fierce place, but it is no less than a kind of fish piranha

Man raised a pufferfish at home, he usually nothing to take a lot of creatures to experiment with the puffer fish, but in the end are the puffer fish victory, which undoubtedly makes it even more mysterious in the minds of men may be Because it has a virulent reason, so if the man wants to hold the same with the centipede with the puffer fish each other what will happen?

With this in mind, the man took action. He grabbed a poisonous centipede from the outside and came in front of the aquarium, then threw the centipede into it. Both of them were highly toxic creatures, and men wanted this They should have a fight it, but the scene of the next second, let the man completely dumbfounded

I saw the centipede just the moment of entering the aquarium was puffer fish to eyeing it with lightning speed to centipede a bite to the centipede at this time have not responded, in its attack Completely forced state, and soon the centipede was bite a bit for puffer fish, then the centipede want to fight back is too late, because it was soon puffer fish to eat half of the body, and finally the whole was Puffer fish to live to eat, a pity that once the king, in front of the puffer fish was to be treated as snacks to eat, my friends, do you think if the puffer fish with piranhas which will be more powerful?