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Submarine toilets to comply with the eight processes: Otherwise, to ensure that you "name to stay green feces"

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Recently, the media published the Russian Navy's fourth generation strategic nuclear submarine 955 Boreal first class boat "Yuriy Dolgorouki" on the toilet. Getting on the submarine is not a good experience. Because the use of underwater toilets operating procedures is very cumbersome, first step on the convenience of a fixed pedal on the toilet, check the reservoir for residual gas, if there is residual gas to open the ship side valve exclusion, after the toilet to open Flushing valve into the sea water, and then open the boat outboard front cover, turn the pressure valve to foul the blanc, the last toilet to turn six or seven valves, in these tedious operation if the order is reversed, the toilet The filth will reverse fly out under the action of the air pressure, and then you will become the big name of "the name of leaving green feces" in the eyes of all the comrades in arms.

Coincidentally, in high-speed rail and aircraft, and spacecraft also have similar troubles.

Take the plane on the toilet, the general passenger plane, the first to enter the toilet, if the men want to urinate, please close the toilet seat cover up. If it is a man to defecate and ladies into the toilet, please first sit down and put the toilet cover in the side of the bulkhead, there are a lot of toilet seat toilet paper toilet cover, toilet paper on the lid is very large, so a sheet of folded Then stacked together, not pumping type, so please do not pull the most direct a direct pumping, the correct method is to use these covers all the toilet paper on the top out, and then remove the complete one, and then Remaining septa toilet paper folded back into the box. Remove the toilet seat cover toilet paper all gently open, flat on the toilet seat cover. Toilet bowl toilet paper toilet seat with a round half-cut, the correct use of circular incision facing the toilet inside, a small external incision facing the toilet outside, so correct operation, in order to complete the package of toilet. Sitting on the lid of the paper cut in the middle of the circle will wrap around the poo to form a poo paper ball into the collection box. The lap toilet paper toilet seat left by the toilet paper need to throw themselves into the mouth, can not be thrown into the toilet. When flushing the toilet, the flush toilet will wrap the entire toilet paper, so the toilet will be very clean. Next to the toilet there are two rolls of triangles, which are used to rub PP. If you are changing diapers to children, please use these two rolls of paper. Do not throw it in the toilet after use, nor on the floor of the restroom. You can throw the used paper into the waste door.

Toilet paper above the note: the submarine to the toilet 8 procedures

As for the toilet in the plane how to deal with it? Passenger aircraft have a waste disposal tank, divided into two, one for the conventional garbage disposal tank, one for the bathroom treatment tank; conventional garbage disposal tank can accommodate 400 kilograms of garbage, bathroom treatment tank can accommodate 200 kilograms of garbage; usually passenger aircraft will be on a daily basis The last flight is handled centrally.

As for the earliest trains and planes, early trains discharged the bowels directly onto the tracks. However, the early planes were abandoned directly at high altitude and were instantly dismantled after being thrown away at high altitude. There was no need to worry about people on the ground Impact. The large passenger aircraft, due to the consideration of more passengers, so set the toilet handle, back to the ground after a unified solution, which is also based on environmental considerations.

In the case of high-speed railways, toilets have adopted vacuum collectors. Toilet wastes are no longer discharged directly onto the rails. Instead, the toilets are temporarily stored in a collecting bowl until the trains are brought into the garage for unified handling.

As far as the manned spacecraft is concerned, excrement will not easily leave after leaving the body due to the micro-gravity environment. Once the spill is found, the picture is a bit tricky. Early spacecraft due to the short duration of the mission, usually do not set the toilet, and before launch astronauts eat low residue food, human first astronaut into the launch capsule when there is pee feeling, helpless and in order not to delay the launch, he had to pass Spacesuit urinary catheter urinate. The first astronaut Alan Shepard of the United States can only directly use urine in the space suit because of the long waiting time for launching. Until the United States Apollo lunar landing program, the Chinese American Tang Xinyuan designed polymer absorbent resin, the predecessor of urine, human beings to solve the problem of urine in space suit, of course, the technology to further promote, but also makes many small PP And the elderly to get rid of eczema troubles.

Do you not follow these 8 processes? Grain cycle, gushing out, enough to make your name to stay green feces

As for stool, and toilet, especially in the space station, it needs space toilet. It is a troublesome and complex thing to urinate in space microgravity environment. Especially for longer-term orbital flight, the environmental control and life support system should design a complex collection system that can deodorize, supply water and be sterilized easily. Among them, the toilet is the most complicated, if not designed, urine due to microgravity will float out of the toilet, flying around in the cockpit, like "Goddess scattered flowers", then become a disaster. Astronaut days ago, to learn to go to the toilet. The first step is to fix yourself. First, fix the shoes and fix the lower body. Hold the armrests on both sides of the toilet with both hands. The most important thing is that the buttocks need to be close to the edge of the toilet to completely seal the inside and the outside of the toilet. The so-called "toilet" is actually "pumping toilet" - because the toilet does not use water, but the gas. Urine is collected with a special funnel, which regularly discharges into space. Stool in the stool after compression, temporarily stored in the toilet, and finally be brought back to the ground.

From the submarine toilet to the space toilet, once again returned to the submarine, the submarine generated poop excreted when the body to carry out certain treatment and pressure water balance, or they may expose the target, which may be fatal to the submarine! End! (Sharp edge / rainy day)

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