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The new Swiss Refine S7, low with 100000 in the early, but saw the interior that is 40 million Mercedes-Benz

Car 2017-12-08 18:02:03 13

Car maintenance of new car information JAC Although the start in the field of SUV late

However, with the JAC Refine S2 / S3 hot, but also accumulated a lot of popularity for the JAC brand

Refine S7 as JAC to enhance the brand value of an important model

Can provide consumers with the appropriate driving texture has become the most important thing. Today let us look at the overall performance of JAC Refine S7

As a sports version of the model, whether or not really exercise or not, the appearance of at least do have a range of children. Rui Feng S7 sports version of the main style of the front has been slightly adjusted, such as a wider front chrome chrome trim, rectangular style front LED fog lights, visual effects more sense of impact. In addition, it is also equipped with multi-spoke rim style, taillight lamp cavity color has become more obvious.

It is worth mentioning that, JAC Refine S7 sports version also uses a sports version of the exclusive wheel shape, the overall sense of movement full.

Interior, the overall style compared to cash basic consistent. Modeling has a certain trace of imitation. Through the car's imitation carbon fiber trim to highlight the sense of movement.

In the car color, which is used in black, red hit the color match, to create a stronger sense of movement.

Refine Sport Sport version of the car models with 1.5T car interior space is exactly the same.

Power, the new car with the same general version of the same model, are 1.5T and 2.0T engine, 1.5T engine maximum power of 174 hp and peak torque of 251 Nm. In the transmission system, the car will provide 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed dual clutch gearbox.

Car gentleman Comments: stylish appearance and decent configuration for Refine S7 has attracted the attention of many consumers, but in the market nearly half a year after the introduction of sports version of the car in our unexpected. In fact, from the product point of view, compared with the ordinary version of the Refine S7 change is not large, mainly the front style adjustments and configuration upgrades to create a sense of movement. So this model is more sporty models can be consumer pro-Lai it? let us wait and see. (Text / car gentleman editor)