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"Generals in the" ending, Liu Xi sound drink poisonous wine to follow the death of Prince Xia Xi, Ye Zhao later

Entertainment 2017-12-08 16:25:45 110

The general "On the General" starring Masi Chun and Sheng Yilun will be closed tomorrow evening. The cousin Liu Shih-yin, starring Wang Chu-ran, is the most influential person in this drama. She is the only woman in her own country, Feeding tiger, dealing with the Prince of Xixia and Western Xia Wang, a self-directed scene "Diao Chan tragedy"!

Wang Qulai, who plays the Liu Xi Yin, was born in 1999 and counts as 18 years old. However, her costume style resembles that of Liu Yifei, an innocent white temperament exuded by a fairy.

Wang Chu Ran red, some people speculate that she will be the next Liu Yifei.

Back to the whole topic, the latest story, the military strategist Hu Qing Liu Xi-yin in the help back to the Song army barracks, Ye Zhao and Zhao Yujin calculations and autumn married, Hu Qing Liu Xi-ying intend to Ye Zhaotou, distressed cousin Ye Zhao want to hide without telling Zhao Yujin, alone to save the cousin, but was stopped!

Song Jun and the Western Xia Jun to the decisive period, the Western Xia Dynasty with Liu Xi Yin came to the sidelines to boost morale, and Zhao Yujin came out to find someone to replace the pregnancy Ye Zhao expedition, the first consideration of Hu Qing, but how to dress are not like, and finally Zhao Yujin personally.

Ye Zhao is planning to divert the coffin from the east gate of Baishui Village with the autumn water and attack the north west gate separately. After the fireworks signal was rescued, Liu Junyin fired the fire signal and the whole army attacked the east gate.

May Liu Xi sound already had plans to die, she first in the wine under a poison called drunk immortality, drink to ascend. I did not expect the Western Xia Wang color too urgent, one up on the Liu Xi Yin with strong, but shouting Hal pier rescue their own.

Hal pier for the beloved fairy, the knife killed the king of Western Xia, praying mantis catch cicada orchids in the post, not possession of false possession Haer pier piercing, kill him with a knife.

Speaking Hal pier is poor, his life only loves Liu Xi sound, for her father, as the hero Lu Bu, but unfortunately fate get people, IQ is not enough, emotional quotient, can only be described as infatuation.

Liu Xi-yin on Hal pier very guilty, in his body to see his shadow, Hal pier love her, just as he loves Ye Zhao, unfortunately Italians long belong, Liu Xi sound after the completion of the mission, before Harlem corpse drink Toxic wine.

Ye Zhao finally came one step later, only crying crying!

The last minute, the bells in the Liu Xi sound is very beautiful, Liu Liu Xi is very graceful dancing, cry Liu Xi sound is very poignant! Flaming beauty, Empress Dowager!