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Men's fear of getting worse! Women are suffering from fear of disease 3 negative opponents 14 years only take 2 wins

Sports 2017-12-08 17:09:39 4

with no doubt! Chinese women's soccer team beat 0-2 in the first round of the East Asian Cup at the foot of the North Korean women's team, facing a three-game losing streak this year in the face of the same rival. More embarrassing data also, the Chinese women's soccer East Asian Cup win over the Korean women's football hard to find, while creating a five-game losing streak East Asian Cup finals record low.

North Korea lost 1 year and 3 times in only 14 wins 2 wins, women suffering from fear disease? </ strong>

In June and August of this year's warm-up match, the Chinese women's football team once met with the North Korean women's and women's football team, but they scored 0-1 and 1-2 respectively. Coupled with the East Asian Cup 0-2 defeat, the Chinese women's soccer team met the Korean women's football three times a year, swallowing embarrassing 3-game losing streak.

More embarrassing is that, from the 2003 Women's Asian Cup, the two teams played 21 times the recent Chinese women's soccer team has achieved only 2 wins, 8 draws and 11 losses results, the former sonorous rose has been pressed by North Korean women's football Lift up the head. </ strong>

East Asian Cup Final 5-game losing streak! Chinese women's make a new low </ strong>

2013 Women's East Asian Cup, Chinese women's football last 0-1 loss to North Korea, at home in 2015 East Asian Cup, the Chinese women's team suffered a three-game losing streak, the history of the first time in East Asia Cup did not take 1 point. Coupled with this year's first round of East Asia Cup 0-2 loss to North Korea, East Asia Cup finals race, the Chinese women's football team has suffered a five-game losing streak, this is the most embarrassing record of the East Asian Cup finals. </ strong>

Previously, South Korea lost three straight games in the 2008 East Asian Cup finals, in addition, the Chinese Taipei women's football team lost three straight in the 2010 East Asian Cup and lost 10 goals without a goal. However, the Chinese Taipei women's football team broke into the finals once and it was not surprising that among the four traditional East Asian Cup women's teams participating in Japan, Korea and the DPRK, the Chinese women's football team became the first team to defeat for five consecutive games Defeated team.

And before the 5 East Asian Cup, the Chinese women's football bottom three times, the best result was only runner-up in 2010, in addition to 1 won the third place results. This time as the first round of defeat to North Korea, almost declared the Chinese women's football championship missed the championship, whether to avoid three consecutive East Asian Cup bottom, followed by Japan and South Korea women's football contest is crucial. </ strong>

Coach out for embarrassment! Iceland coach hit three consecutive defeats </ strong>

Earlier, the Chinese Football Association suddenly announced a change of coaching, Icelandic Sig - Eyersone replaced Bruno to become the Chinese women's football coach. However, after Sig-Eyrson took office, it was embarrassing one after another. Prior to the 2 warm-up match, Sig - Eyerson led the unit to 0-3 and 1-5 respectively lost to the Australian women's football.

Although Sig-Ejorson has repeatedly stressed that his main task after taking office is the Jordan Women's Asian Cup 2018, but the East Asian Cup, as well as next year's Al-Aqv Cup, but for Sig-El Jorson it is Have to face the test. 3-game losing streak is probably not the end result, after all, the next two East Asian Cup, the Chinese women's football need to face the same strength on their own Japanese women's football, and Japan's women's football is still the host. </ strong>

[support Chinese football, welcome attention head number "Ling lens"] </ strong>