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KSV official said the former SSG coach and LOL players will not change, the new team name still thinking

Game 2017-12-01 15:48:53 39

Kevin Chou, CEO of the KSV gaming club, has a lot of fans and spectators visiting his Twitter to ask about things after KSV announced his acquisition of the SSG team recently, and Kevin himself has answered some of these questions.

Here's a Q & A on Twitter in his last two days about SSG.

Q: When did you start planning to buy a team?

A: late summer.

Q: You bought the team as a whole? Or just buy the team players?

A: The whole team all bought.

Q: Will give the players sufficient training time?

A: Of course.

Q: Do you give players better hardware and facilities than before?

A: We are building a world-class and professional e-sports base. This project will take some time. Therefore, we will also consider how to ensure the normal operation of the team in the short term.

Q: Edgar? Will he continue to serve as team coach?

A: Of course, he will be a team coach for a long time in the future.

Q: I will continue to support the team, can not wait to see your new team service!

A: Thank you for your support, of course, we will have a cool new uniforms, but still need some time, first of all need to be sure that the team needs to have a suitable name and Logo, and then the uniforms.

Q: very curious what name you will change the team?

A: We are looking for a suitable name, the new name will be released in January.

It seems SSG whole except for the name of almost no other changes, I hope the new SSG can play a wonderful game next year.