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"Wandering Dream Travel", another movie was delayed by name, Amway strongly to you

Entertainment 2017-12-08 14:42:46 169

Do not know if you have not noticed recently released a movie called "dream travel around the world," first heard the name, the first impression this is a boy brave to pursue the dream, the final success of the clichéd movie Xiaobian until yesterday to personally read the film, the end just want to sigh, this is another good movie was delayed by name.

Before watching movies, the first look at this movie's score, the cat's eye actually score up to 9.6? ! This is exactly what kind of movie? Is it now selling dreams, selling feelings so many people buy it? With a critical, complex mood, Xiaobian entered the theater.

Yesterday was a snowstorm in the 24 solar terms. On this cold winter day, seeing such a movie really makes people feel warmth.

"There are three kinds of deaths in human beings. The first is physical death. The second is when society announces that you are dead. The third is when the last person remembers your people leaving the world." It can be said that death is a problem that every one of us can face, and no one can run away from it. And China's hell is always cold, ghastly different, this movie will be painted in the haze like a grand carnival party, singing and dancing, full of joy.

Remember me,though I have to say goodbye;

Remember me,don't let it make you cry.

From the beginning until the film is over half, Xiaobian also thought it was a dream story, until Ekto mention his daughter Coco, Xiaobian awakening, where is a dream, ah, this is about Family, ah, instant nostrils.

Some people say that this film is the most shocking of these three scenes is undoubtedly the first one is the first time to see the ultimate death, the second is under the cave when the two finally recognize the time, the third is The end of the elderly was finally awakened. Death is really not so terrible, the real terrible is forgotten.

If you look at a moving cartoons, but feel ashamed when you read them, if the world of souls depicted in the movie really exists, do not many of our ancestors have finally died? So unknowingly, we began to forget to miss them.

"Wandering Dream Travel", or more suitable to call "Coco", Amway to you. Prepare paper towels.