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What does Harvard do? Known as the most beautiful new SUV models, in essence, is a replica of H6?

Car 2017-12-08 13:41:14 64

Some time ago, Guangzhou Auto Show, Harvard officially brought a compact SUV, H4, aside the oldest H5 is not, Harvard has been in the middle of the 8-15 million deployed a new H6 / Classic H6 / M6 and these three models </ span>

Let us look at this new H4 / a riders looked that this is a reduced version of Haval H6, and others saw it is WEY VV5 low version, no matter who like it, as long as it is a new, I believe its sales Will not be bad to where!

Estimated starting price of the new listing will also be in a 80,000 yuan, it is possible this new car will be named Hover H4, this H4 has a new blue LOGO, it is easy to see from the appearance that this is a consumer group A car more inclined to young consumers.

The details of the design is very good, co-pilot A column where the press and overbearing more similar handle, the car looks very young look, sporty, tail design layering is great, really is Very beautiful, it seems H4 is expected to become the god of the car after H6!

Sell ​​80,000, you look forward to it?