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Tongliang "Fire Dragon" stunning the world, to strange color Dream Park experience an ultimate carnival, romantic trip

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Hot sparks, wild dragon dance, shirtless dragon dancers ... As the first batch of intangible cultural heritage in our country, Tongliang Fire Dragon has long enjoyed a good reputation in the world and has repeatedly performed in the United States, France and Japan. Hot metal soup, intense wild, dance out of people love fire, fire by people's strong emotions.

Tongliang dragon dance

The evening of December 2, in Chongqing Tongliang Qi Cai Dream Park area, a long shuttle in the fire in the shuttle, walk. One by one naked upper body, wearing shorts dragon dance hand, waving dragon body, into the splendid fireworks. They shouted, throwing a hand, then blow, a scoop mixed with more than a thousand degrees Celsius of molten iron and special liquid to the sky, fire rain, stars fell everywhere, instantly become a dazzling "meteor."

Tongliang Long dance moves up the momentum, varied, Tonglianglong galloping up and down, people's feelings also will be surging, fire red Chinese dragon, meandering and slender, vigorous and magnificent dragon and blooming "Steel Flower" blend, the spectacular scene attracted crowds applauded the crowd again and again.

According to reports, Tongliang Long Dance has a long history, "Fire Dragon" as the "Dragon Dance" first, has long been well-known, world renowned. This dance with hot metal hit gold flowers, supplemented by different materials, the pilot fire, mouth fire, ridge fire, abdominal fire, field fire, sky fire, etc., form a fiery three-dimensional fire array, very warm and colorful. Every Lantern Festival, people will have money and money, make great efforts to purchase gunpowder, manufacture fire-bears, match with tobacco rack, Yumen and other flame performances. The longest dragon up to 40 meters, performing spectacular scene, adventure peculiar, by the masses in particular favor. There are folklore that the fire burning dragon sparks, you can remove the body bad luck, for the coming year illnesses and disasters, everything satisfactory. The greater the spark, the more firecrackers, the more dragon and the Dragon Dragon people are more interested.

Tongliang dragon dance

"This is a performance that inherits the art of history and demonstrates the essence and soul of the Chinese nation!" Aunt Wang from Chongqing was deeply shocked by the unique flavor and varied routine "Fire Dragon" Ming firecrackers, intense percussion, rich rustic flavor, deserved trip.

Aerial view Tongliang dragon dance

It is reported that in order to enrich the activities of tourist attractions and carry forward the culture of Tongliang Long, the relevant departments have been approved by the relevant departments for approval. From November 25, 2017 to May 31, 2018, Tongliang will be Saturday night at Huangpi Gate Park area for large dragon dance show, during the show all tourists need to purchase tickets into the area (ticket time is 5:00, the fare of 40 yuan per person, Tongliao membership card with half-price ticket to enter), the original copper Liang Ji holders ID card admission and tickets are not suitable for evening performances.

As a non-material cultural heritage of the Tongliang dragon show in the carefully packaged and arranged passionate Strange Dream Strangers, during the activities, Qi Cai Mengyuan will show an ultimate romantic feast. Flowers bloom throughout the year, each season has a different flower, stroll among them, exposure to flowers, people intoxicated!

Although it is winter now, QiQuan Dream Garden presents tourists with a vivid picture without the feeling of a winter depression. The tulips, cyclamen, primrose, violets, kale and others Ten kinds of flowers will be in full bloom, the beauty of the romantic flowers;

Qi Cai Dream Park romantic Ferris wheel, exciting roller coaster ...... and other recreational facilities, are the majority of tourists must go to play.

Zhang Liang Yang, general manager of Tongliang Huangpi Gate Qi Cai Meng Yuan said that the dragon culture is the characteristic of Tongliang. In the future, it will make full use of the cultural heritage, take the flower as the medium and the dragon culture as the carrier, and further develop the scenic area into a leisure and recreational recreation As one of the agricultural leisure projects. At the same time, it plans to prepare for the construction of a dragon-lamp production base and take it as the lead to fully mobilize the surrounding people to get employed and get rich.