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Shen Yue appeared in the corner of praise Cephalotta constant praise was Yan diffuse ah! Zheng Shuang netizens pulled in

Entertainment 2017-12-08 12:10:34 292

"To us a simple little beautiful" finale, and Jiang Chen memories and Chen Xiaoxi all the way since the sweet, we finally heard Jiang Chen's voice. Xiao Xi said his secret love Jiang Chen, in fact, we all know that Xiao Xi is a clear love, Jiang Chen is the secret love! The last two are still happy together.

After the drama was finished, the popularity of Shen Yue and Hu Tianyu rose yesterday. On December 23, Shen won a photo of "Shan Cai" on his Weibo. In the photo, she faded away from Chen Xiaoxi and added more copies Quiet and soft temperament.

In 2014, Shen Yue was admitted to Hunan Normal University's School of Journalism and Communication with the first place in radio and television director's professional province. Freshman just entered the school, she was planning his career into the station as a director, for this still in Hunan TV internship. Sophomore, Shen Yue like photography, and thus met a lot of photographer friends, in a shooting, the model can not come to the scene because of a temporary incident, so Shen became a firefighter, and she was temporarily shot to shoot out The photo effect unexpectedly good.

Photo on the Internet, it attracted the attention of her agent, then invited Shen to Beijing to interview. In this lucky coincidence, Shen Yue, a non-performing professional, brokered the contract with the brokerage firm and was on the road to becoming an actor.

In March 2017, Shen Yue participated in the audition for the Youth School Drama "To Our Simple Little Beauty", and was selected as the actress Chen Xiaoxi. Shen Yue was paid attention to by virtue of his energetic young girl Chen Xiaoxi.

In the same year, Shen Yue identified a youth romance idol drama "Meteor Garden" starred by Chai Chih-ping.

" Meteor Garden" can be said to be a classic, when the big </ span> S plays Fettuccine and men's groups F4 by everyone, but at that time many people like to eat such a terrier, The love story of rich children and Cinderella, this seemingly many eternal love story of the same laws. </ span>

The Chai Zhi-chih again to shoot "Meteor Garden", many users can not help but sigh beyond the classic then?

Super handsome men's group F4, respectively, is Wang Hedi plays Daimin Temple, Guan Hong played Huazawa class, Liang Jing Kang plays a beautiful book, Wu Xize plays Simon, average age 21 years old, and average height of 185 cm, aroused great concern of fans. But may be different sense of age, so Xiaobian not feel much about such a new combination, the heart still prefer Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and other F4 play.

As for the actress Shen Yue, her fresh temperament, sweet face by the netizen affirmed, and big S appearance features different, was praised "just too fit", "this Yan value can be," "is my type," "yes Japanese Man feeling ", this selection of critical acclaim constantly.

The sun from the sun out of the photos can be seen she is really a lot thinner, Shen Yue is a kind of look-resistant, the whole looks really like the feeling of diffuse little girls, fresh and refined temperament, people ignorant cute feel.

As we all know, Zheng Shuang starred in "meteor shower together", which also has a H4 group was ridiculed at the time users are not naked plagiarism F4 it? Even so, when the show was also received a very high ratings, Zheng Shuang also by virtue of Chu Yu Xun the image of the popular.

Now Shenyue's cedar came out, and some pick netizens started to bundle Shen Yue and Zheng Shuang together, saying who is good to say who is not good.

In fact, two people are not the same, each has its own strengths, why say who is good who is not good, looking forward to their respective works like ah!