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Deep-fried fish a sister Fengtimo cosmetic history, is "for a strange face" or natural beauty

Entertainment 2017-12-08 12:53:50 118

Feng Timothy, the real name Feng Ya M, born in 1991, Chongqing, known as the fighting fish first female anchor, fighting fish first song Ji. In addition to her amazing song, Feng Timo's cosmetic history can also be written in reticular textbooks. Feng Timmo cosmetic this point in the live ring is recognized, because seen her live broadcast old fans know, von Timothy really getting better-looking, more and more good-looking.

Initially, Feng Timothy playing LOL on the live platform with a dozen pieces of headphones to sing a few songs to the audience, and then popularity began to flourish, after several years of development, she gradually in the betta platform has 6 million Fans From the prime to the net red, von Timothy not only change the status and worth, as well as face.

Do not doubt that she is her she is. Before she is very "Xiaofang" temperament, round face, immature eyes, collapsed nose, bloated nose, pure pose. Before the single eyelid, garlic nose, non-root, but then a normal girl, then the normal anchor.

But she has become like this, netizens direct face strange, von Timothy before the eyes are not small, but some within the double, slightly wider eyes, the outer corner of the eye hanging slightly, so it looks like the eye is not perfect . So Feng Timo first cut a parallel large outside the double, also opened the corner of his eye, suspected to do under the eyelid and lay silkworm filling. Light makeup is double eyelid cutting sense is more obvious, if makeup blessing seems natural.

Peeled and degreased incised eyelids shrink into the eyebrow spacing, eyelid opening weakens the childish feeling before, forming a sharp and gentle coexistence of the eyes.

Finishing his eyes, Feng Timo turn to turn the nose again. Her nose before it is a very typical catastrophic nose shape, Yamane collapsed, nose low, nose Round Dayton, nose hypertrophy.

After adjustment, Yamane and the nose have increased, the tip of the nose is not so round before the Dayton, exquisite nose, nose a lot smaller than before. So presumably made rhinoplasty prosthesis implantation, nose formation, nose narrowing.

However, the magnitude of her adjustment is not large, retaining the sensuality of the nose, so it looks quite natural and lovely.

In addition, Von Timmer face changes are more obvious, from the original cake face to the present face, in addition to the reasons for the thin may have been made facial liposuction, buccal fat pad removal, face-lift injection, etc. Face looks smaller and more three-dimensional.

Von Timmer's jaw line is also much better than before, but in her pouting action, looking from the bottom of her chin is very natural, from the side, her chin is not unexpected tilt, so speculate that she should not do Prosthesis implanted in the jaw.

Feng Timothy is the most successful ring cosmetic surgery, the beautiful appearance is important, but the beauty of the mind is the most important! The last person can not be too late to open!