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There are three unresolved mysteries in Chinese history, the first is a lot of controversy, and the second one in the world wants to know

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No country has such a long history of China, and there is evidence of it. When the Western world is still a grunt, the industrious Huaxia people have started their own civilization with their labor. After five thousand years of accumulation, many things that have not been recorded in detail by the official history are like the crown jewels, exuding an attractive charm. Experts and scholars, small market, fascinated by this. Today, we find the history of the wild note to introduce you to the three was named the history of "the most mysterious mystery" of the puzzle.

3. Qin Shi Huang father mystery

The Qin different people born in 281 BC seemed to have had a bad life. His father, Qin Xiaowen, had more than 20 sons, and his own and his mother, Xiaji, were not seen by Xiaowen Wang, and were sent to a poor relationship Zhao Guo to be protons (hostages). The ensuing days, Qin and Zhao war between the two countries frequently, so the proton life is not easy. Qin different people in Zhao because of their own identity as a prince, did not lose their lives for the time being, but it has been a great deal of cold, lived in the house and even leaking. It is in this environment, the great businessman Lu Weibu fancy this despotic prince, carried out his own home-destined projects.

The first is to give money to a stranger, let him make the power of Zhao, win over the hearts of people, but also to improve their own disadvantage. Second, Lv Buwei himself, Qin can not leave the country to find Zhao Qin Guo Huayang lady to do in the backyard, Mrs. Huayang do not know whether it is money-making, or is really moved by Lu Buwei's rumor, really to seek or An Guojun Qin Xiaowen king, made him a prince.

When Qin Zhaoxiang was fifty years old, general Qin Kuomintang besieged Handan, and Zhao, who suffered from bad luck, was going to kill the evil people of Qin who was going to kill him. But for the great businessman Lv Bu Wei, if the Qin different people died, all his investment hit, it is he can not accept. So he took out heavily bribed the defenders of the country Zhao Xiaoli, helping other people to escape, this will have the opportunity to return to inherit the throne.

During this period, Lu Buwei sent his own singer Zhao Ji to a stranger, according to historical records, the song was sent out in ten months (also said another twelve months) after the birth of the Qin Shi Huang, so many people on the Qin Shi Huang Who is the doubtful father?

2. Genghis Khan treasure mystery

As a Mongol unified dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty dynasty established in 1271 reached 33 million square kilometers, what is the concept? From the eastern Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean that surrounds the north, the Black Sea to the west and the South China Sea to the south reaches 22% of the world's land area, or one-fifth of the area! (Think about the same proportion of the population now)

Is such an empire, the Black Sea until the vast Pacific Ocean, occupied by the prosperous Jin Dynasty, rich but weak Song Dynasty. Others such as the West Liao, Xixia and Hua Zi even approached the hinterland of Europe. All civilizations retreated under the treachery of iron trunks, and wealth also shifted as the war progressed. It is this amazing wealth, has attracted the attention of the world.

After the demise of the Yuan Dynasty, the successors did not find the treasures of the Yuan Dynasty royal family, many precious treasures disappeared. Therefore, in recent years, experts and scholars from China, the United States, Mongolia and Japan have diligently sought to solve the mystery of treasures in the Yuan Dynasty. For many scholars believe that the treasures where the imperial mausoleum of the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty leaves odd "grass wood" in the record: "The horse ravaged the peace to kill camels on them, Then remove the account, Mi Wang Ping Yan, people know each other also.

So, so far no one can find this group of treasures, I am afraid they will find the secret it.

3. Xishi Shi mystery

Beauty of the heart of everyone, there is always on the beauty of people can not describe the wild. As the first of the four ancient beauties, Xishuang can cause the effect of "Shen Yu" and naturally can not be detached.

On the occasion of the Wu-Yue hegemony, the disadvantaged Yue Gou Jian adopted Minister Fan Li's "Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu Yue", and another said that it was a proposal of "more must-book". In the end, the more women Sin Shi and Zheng Dan, the most beautiful women in Hong Kong, became the two most fortunate and most unfortunate people, devoting themselves to the project of eliminating Wu from Vietnam. Until 4 BC, King Wu Fu suicide, this drama of Wu Yue hegemony came to an end. The Yue Gou also rely on the Revival, post-strikes, became the last hegemony in the Spring and Autumn Period.

The whereabouts of Shih Tzu has become a lot of romantic geniuses competing to study the puzzles. For the last thousand centuries, there are six versions of the mystery about the whereabouts of Xishi after the Vietnam victory. But unfortunately, five of them ended with XISHUI's death. They are self-proclaimed, said Wu Min Shenhu, Shen Fan Fan Shen said that Gushu Shenhu Lake said more and later said. Because these five outcomes are too tragic, does not meet the literati scholar beautiful yearning for beauty.

So there is this last argument: West Fan Fan Happy world. In the last days of the Wu and Yue hegemony, Fan Li, who was well versed in the sneak peek-a-boo, finally advised the fanciful and said that the Yue King should not be rich with the same boat and Shih-Shi, and lived a secluded life.

However, this unsolved mystery has given more space to writers and more and more legends.